Monday, December 21, 2009

6 months

At 6 months you can say goo goo (good). You do this at most meals. My girl likes food! You have just started calling Da da. Daddy can't wait to know that you know what you are saying. You defintely will be a talker. Smiling at everyone you see as if you can't wait to get to know them.

You weigh 15 pounds and are 27 inches long! You are going to be tall and tiny. According to Dr. Phillips. You did great during your shots.

You just started sleeping through the night. You go to bed between 8:30 and 9pm and sleep until around 6:45. Sometimes you wake earlier and sometimes you sleep longer. Now you are waking up happy and you play in your crib for a few minutes before you make it clear you are read to wake up.

You still don't roll over much but you love to sit up (supported) and reach for everthing.

You love to play with your sippy cup but don't care to drink from it.

Your favorite toys are: teapot, lovey, sprout, and sophie. Your paci will always be your pal. You bang it on the crib rails in the morning as you play.

You have had your first plane ride. A Beechcraft Baron. You loved the flight and never cried.

You have become such an easy baby. You take one morning nap for an hour to an hour and half. Then a long 2 hour to 2 and half hour nap in the afternoon. You still take and evening cat nap most nights.

We love you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

5 Months

My Sweet Anna Grace,

This has been one wild ride for you and me! You are changing everyday. Mommy was really sick this weekend and you stayed with Grammie. I think you grew two inches and graduated in 48 hours. I was amazed at how you had changed. I don't think your Daddy and I will be able to leave you for more than 2 days ever again.

You have just about doubled your birth weight.

You still don't love to roll over or do tummy time.

Lately you go to sleep around 9pm and you are up at 3:30. I will repay you for this in high school. When you want to sleep until 11am I will happily wake you at 8am. Although last night you slept until 4:30 and didn't want to eat you just wanted your friend paci.

You talk all day long.

You LOVE your daddy. If he gets you in the morning you smile and if I walk in the room to get you first you scream because well....apparently I mean food and he means fun.

Everywhere we go people stop me and tell me how beautiful you are and you always smile at them like you know.

You have started making noise when you yawn. Like you are super bored and we should be dancing around entertaining. I have tried to get this on film but you enjoy making a liar out of us when we say you can/can't do something yet.

You put everything in your mouth and have great hand/eye cordination. Last night you put Grandma Nena's glass cup to your mouth and squealed.

You have tried rice cereal and oatmeal and like oatmeal the best. Eventhough I think you would rather a Sonic Cheeseburger and a DR Pepper.

I am afraid to blink. I feel like you are going to be staring at me as a teenager in any moment. Your Daddy and I are crazy about you. Right now you are swinging in your swinging staring at the mobile. You reach and grin at the little bears. You are a joy! Such a great delight for us. We love you sweet Anna Grace, may you continue to grow in favor with God.

Here is Anna Grace letting you know how she feels about rice cereal.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Capillary Venous Lymphatic Malformation and us

First of all, if you prayed for us THANK YOU! We felt those prayers. I am not going to go into details before the trip because most of you know that Anna Grace was diagnosed with Lymphangioma at 20 weeks. This was a very scary day. At birth we were expecting a NICU stay but our strong little girl would have nothing of it. She was doing great and we came home two days after birth like normal. She has thrived. Nothing has stopped her at this point. Our next step was to go to Cincinnati Ohio for a MRI and meeting with her medical team (and by team I mean TEAM!) They are incredible. So here is the outline of our trip, her diagnosis, and our feelings about it. Feel free to ask questions and I will answer them to the best of our ability.

On Sunday, October 18, we headed for Cincinnati or Cincy as we came to know it. She did so good on the trip up and I was a proud Mama. Sunday was spent figuring out how to get to the hospital and checking into our hotel.

Monday- Anna Grace was fed at 1:30 am for the last time until after the MRI. I expected a major meltdown in the morning but she was terrific. In fact I couldn't get over how well she handled it. Once at the hospital, Adam and I took her back for a check in. She actually fell asleep ( I am telling you the prayers were working!) We were given details for the MRI and then we had to LEAVE our baby awake. It was so hard to walk off knowing she was about to stare at strangers and be scared to death. The MRI lasted two and half hours. Bless her, when she was done she couldn't keep her temp high enough to go home so she got to hang out in a heated blanket thiing. When she saw Adam and I you could see it on her face. It was priceless. She did well all day, pretty groggy but we were able to go to dinner at Dewey's pizza.

Tuesday- At noonish we met with her team. An incredible group of doctors who are in love with my child. Anna Grace was diagnosed with Capillary Venous Lymphatic Malformation. I will break it down for you. Anna Grace has a large wine colored spot on her left side. It takes up her whole side. This is the Capillary side. She also has some blueish markings that are her Veins, hence the Venous. Lastly, the Lymphatic. Her Lymphatic system did not develop completely. On her left side its between her skin and muscluar wall. She also has some fluid internally thru her lower tummy and on her little bottom.

What this means for Anna Grace: For now, she is doing very well. As if, she had no issues. So for now we will monitor her. She will deal with this for most of her life. We will be going to Cincy twice a year for her to visit with her Doctors and will begin Physical Therapy while she grows to make sure she can handle the extra weight on one side.

Many have asked about another child for Adam and me. I did have a tough pregnancy and this has been the hardest thing we have ever dealth with but I can assure you if God has another child planned for us we would be delighted! The chances of another child having this problem is the same chance Anna Grace had, very slim.

Developmental, Anna Grace is right on track. She doesn't have much desire to roll over but can do it. Other than that she is doing great.

Please feel free to ask any questions that I have not answered and we will continue to keep you updated with her progress. Again, thank you for praying! Check back soon for an update on eating cereal and bouncing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Been Busy!

Ok so I have been a little slack on updating but I am going to get better. Anna Grace is growing like a weed. She babbles on all day and is becoming a busy body. Right now she is screaming her little head off because she wants her Daddy to walk around and bounce her and well he rufuses. If he were to stand up she would stop crying. I seriously need to get this on film. :)

We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and picked out Anna Grace's first pumpkin. She loves the outdoors so of course this was a hit!

We leave for Cincinati on Sunday. Everyone is nervous for the trip. We are tying and praying hard to stay well. Our trip was postponed in September due to Anna Grace's first cold. It was hard but I knew it was God's timing. Please be in prayer for us as we make this trip. We will be getting lots of information and it will most likely be overwhelming. I promise to keep my blog, facebook and twitter updated while we are there.

Here is our pumpkin sitting up in bumbo. I think she grew 3 inches the first time I sat her in here.

I am not sure who "won" but AG quit crying and is slowly falling asleep. :) Daddy will call this a victory I am sure!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fan Day and summer pictures

Adam and I took Anna Grace to her first official Clemson fan day. She did really well. Apparently her big orange bow caused a stir. People kept stopping us about it!

Anna Grace and Uncle Caleb will be working on tackling very soon. Caleb can't wait to get her dirty. :0

I love my Daddy

I love my bows too!

My wrist rattles are a hit too!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not pray nightly that my child would miraculously sleep 12 hours.

I did not shove some clothes into the closest just to make the bedroom "look" clean for my sanity.

I did not leave a poopie diaper on AG at 2:30 am when she just fell back asleep.

I did not break down numerous times today at numerous doctors visits.

I am sure this will become really fun when AG is older and doing things that I do not want her to do.

So what did you do this week that you would "not me!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cincinatti Update

First off, thank you all for praying for us so much during this time in our lives. We firmly believe God has a purpose for Anna Grace. She is a tough little cookie. She undergone ultrasounds, blood draws, and a few other tests that make even strong men cringe and she has done so well. Adam and I can feel God carrying us through this time in our lives.

We will be leaving on September 13th to drive to Cincinatti Childrens Hospital. On the 14th Anna Grace will under go an MRI. She will be sedated and possibly intubated because she is so small and young. This will be overwhelming for Adam and myself. The MRI will be done of her head and abdomen. In the recent weeks, an unltrasound found white spots on both of her kidneys. These spots are possible signs of another problem not linked to the Lymphangioma. A test was done of her renal function and her kidneys are functioning properly. Praise the LORD!

On the 15th, we will meet the surgical team to discuss possiblities. Please be in prayer for us as we will be given her diagnosis and plan. Again, we know God is in control.

Our specific prayer requests are:
That Anna Grace travel well. We will be driving and I am nursing her so this will call for frequent stops.

An easy sedation and fast MRI and recovery. She should not have to stay in the hospital after the MRI.

An easy diagnosis that can be fixed with as little surgery as possibly. Also that this can be done in Greenville instead of Cincinatti.

Most importantly pray for God's will to be done in her life and ours and that we may glorify Him. He chose us to be her parents and he knit Anna Grace together. No one knows how well her body work better than Him.

While we are gone we will be updating facebook and twitter. You can follow us on either. We plan to drive home on Wednesday. Thank you in advance for all the prayers you will be praying for us.

Friday, August 14, 2009

2 Months old

My sweet little lamb I cannot believe you are two months old! You had your shots yesterday and did so well. You and Dr. Phillips had a thrilling conversation as he checked you over and proclaimed....My she is beautiful. I didn't need anyone to tell me that. :)

You are 10 pounds 1 ounce and are 23 inches long. You have the prettiest longest fingers and love to kick your legs.

When you sit in your bouncy seat you only show love to the monkey. Poor hippo and lion are always left out.

You still love to be swaddled when you sleep.

Love the baskin robbins commercial with the ice cream and cake song. In fact it is what mommy and daddy sing to help calm you down. Jesus loves me also works.

You are sleeping ok. You keep us on our toes by throwing in a few bad sleep nights here and there but are easy to get back to sleep.

You talk all the time. I know that I am going to get whats coming to me. Word on the street is I talk alot and that My Mom had to deal with my constant chatter. Its ok though I love to her you chatting away.

You have been to Lake Lure already and will visit the beach around your 3 month birthday. After that we are going to Cincinatti Ohio for a few days. ( I will post more about that soon.)

Anna Grace you are a pure joy to your mother and father and everyone else that loves you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two babies

Most of you know that we had a "baby" before AG. Last summer I was informed it would take me forever to get pregnant not to rush because of my Chron's disease. So, Adam and I finally decided we were getting a puppy. In August, we found and fell in love with Pepper Jill. She has really been a great dog and was wonderful for me when I was on bedrest. Pep and AG have bonded a few times over licks (only on AG's feet).b By the way, I got pregnant with AG in late September. How is that for timing?

Some days, I have what we call Camp Burgess. Where AG, Pep, and I stay in bed and nap and spend the day together. This comes after a LONG night sometimes. Well Monday, my first official day as a SAHM (stay at home mommy) was a Camp Burgess day.

Here we are all in the bed. I am nursing Anna Grace when Pep jumps up and starts pacing...then shaking. I know whats coming. She has to go potty. I ask her if she needs to go outside and she immediately sits down. Bad sign. She is obeying by sitting when asked so she must really need to go. I potitely tell the dog you are going to have to wait. I was not interrupting AG at that point. My colorful dachshund comes bounding up to the boppy and gets in my face, shaking still, and starts licking me. As if she was saying PLEASE, right now!!

Fortuantely AG finishes and I jump up to take Pep before Camp Burgess gets peed on. :) We all go outside which is another blog in itself. Pepper won't GO potty. I couldn't believe it?! I thought I would kill her. :) She is pulling me and AG around the yard after birds and squirrells. Maybe she was telling me she really needs to walk?

Monday, August 3, 2009

We're Baaackkkkk

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Anna Grace was two weeks old. Its been a little bit crazy here so let me catch you up!

Adam is now employed with Upward in Spartanburg, SC. Today is actually his first day. We are super excited and can't wait to see what God is going to do through this change. Last night was our last night at Reedy River Baptist Church. It was bittersweet. Which brings me to change number 2.

With Adam being hired at Upward, I am able to stay at home with AG. So today is my first official day on the job as well. I have wanted to stay home with my children for years. I am blessed to be able and I have to admit this is the scariest thing I have EVER done. Please be praying for us as we make this transition.

For the past two weeks, Anna Grace and I have been on the road. Adam took the students to camp for a week so AG and I stayed in Gaffney with the grandparents and then the next week we all went on vacation to Lake Lure. Needless to say, our schedule was shot so we are trying to get back on track.

Some new things our lamb is doing these days:
Reaching for toys
Talking ALL the time, she coos and almost makes this squeal when she gets really excited! Its alot of fun
Keeping her paci in her mouth! WOW I never thought that would happen

I promise I will update more now that we are back and settled.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 Weeks old and a date night

Anna Grace you are two weeks old! I cannot believe it. You are changing daily. You have started stretching your legs and pointing your toes. I LOVE this. You are destined to be a dancer with those long legs and toes.

You are still a picky eater and haven't rounded the corner of wanting to breastfeed. Its an ordeal every feeding but Mommy is praying hard that it will get better and I feel like it is. You still aren't at birth weight but you are a dainty little girl. You weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces on your two week birthday.

Tonight Mommy and Daddy went to dinner. When I was still pregnant I told Adam it would be at least 6 weeks before we went out on a date. Well, Mommy knew the sooner she left you with Grammie the better. So, tonight my Mom and Aunt Sammie came over and kept you. (We were only gone 2 hours but still!) While we were gone you took a bottle like a champ! You also got a visit from your great-grandparents, Susie and Pop Pops. Here is a pic of Mommy and Daddy with you before we left.

I can definitely say that I am a Mommy. Last night, I nursed you while Pepper sat on my shoulders....Ahhhh Parenting!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 10, 2009

I have been trying to think and put into words what this day was like. I was admitted into the hospital on June 9 at 5pm. By 6pm, I was officially in my bed, had an i.v., and was ready to get started. At 9pm I had my sleeping pill and out I went. If I had not had this I would have never slept!

At 5 am, I woke up looking around thinking I need to get up and take a shower and get ready to meet our little girl! By 9am I was in my labor and delivery room and the potocin was rolling. By that point Anna Grace's entourage starting coming in. My mom, sister, and Adam's mom were the first to arrive. The morning was spent putting on make-up during contraction and watching tv. At 12:30 Adam went to get something to eat and I was alone for about a whole 10 minutes. Well thats when my ob came by and decided to break my water....yikes! I was nervous about this because I had heard it could be painful. It was a breeze and helped with the labor process alot.

Fast forward through the afternoon (which I slept through) At 5:00pm I was anxious. I knew because I was induced that it was going to take awhile. I had my epidrual around 2pm and was well rested and ready to push! Except I wasn't ready too! My knight in shining armor had kept everyone out of the room for awhile so I could rest and during that time was when I started to feel pressure and knew things were getting close. I was right! I had dialated to 8cm. Adam let everyone know and I went back to sleep! Around 6:30 or 7pm I woke up and knew I was beginning to feel very different. By 7:45pm I was fully dialated and could get started pushing. Apparently I was one of few who could tell when to push during an epidural. SO much so, that my labor and delivery nurse had me slow and down and push softer....WHAT! My OB had gone to rest because she was having contractions, at 38 weeks pregnant herself. At 8:30pm, She finally made it to my room and began getting ready. At 8:48 this happened...

Our lives were instantly changed forever. NICU was present right after birth, evaluated her and said she looked great. I couldnt believe it when Adam brought her over to me to hold! It was amazing. She was incredible. Anna Grace still potentionally has a long road ahead but Adam and I are blessed beyond words to have a healthy little girl under our roof. Thank you for praying, encouraging, and loving us during this time. Our prayer for Anna Grace is the she would grow and love the Lord with all her heart! We know that He has a special plan for her life. Her are a few more pictures!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anna Grace Burgess

We are so thankful for everyone's prayers and well wishes during our pregnancy and birth of Anna Grace. She is such a blessing. We are settling in to being Mom and Dad. Adam and I are both blown away by her. She looks just like her Daddy and has small eyes like her Mama. I will be updating more soon with her birth story etc. Please continue to pray for our little girl as we all grow together as a family.

Anna Grace Burgess
7 pounds 11 ounces
20.75 inches long
Born June 10, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Do

With just 10 days (or less) before our sweet Anna Grace comes I have lots that I feel I need to do. So here is my week of to do's and goals.

Monday: Dr. appoitment (they love me there thats why they keep making me come back!)
- clean out car
- load of laundry
- wash dishes
- work on the last of the thank you notes

- Adam will be home cutting grass
- I plan on finishing what I don't get done from Monday

- Laundry
- Make sure house is ready

- another Dr. appointment
- double check bags

- Adam home all day
- try to enjoy the beginning of our last weekend without our sweet little lamb
- Cruise In at church

- AHHH last Saturday...what should we do? Go to a movie?


-I am sure I will be a basket case by then.
-DOUBLE check bags again
- Last Dr. appointment
-Go to dinner for Sally Ann's 19th! Birthday! I can't believe she will be 19. I am not going to lie I would love to have Anna Grace on her birthday.

-Sleep in
- Take Pepper to the Vet for the week.
- Have a great last meal with my sweet baby's daddy
- Report to hospital at 5pm. :)

Wednesday (June 10th)
-GREATEST Day ever.

Now I realize that this could change at any moment and I would love for it too. I am so ready to meet Anna Grace and I know she is ready to meet us. We will keep you updated on how our week progresses!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The weekend ahead

I can't wait for this weekend to arrive and be over! We have something going on everyday but its the last weekend where we feel like Anna Grace could absolutely not come. Or I mean she can, but it doesn't fit our schedules. HA HA! I know she can and will come when she wants but this is a running joke at our home.

Thursday: Final clean sweep day. Sally Ann will be in Greenville with me and we will be cleaning, cleaning. I still don't last long when it comes to energy so she will be helping to do everything in one day that needs to be done. On our list: clean the bathroom, vacuum, clean out car, and clean kitchen. Sounds easy right? It would have taken me days and together we will have it knocked out in hours. (and no I am not vacuuming)

Friday: 1st Annual Reedy River Golf Tournament. Adam and our youth are hosting a golf tournament to raise money for Mission Fuge in July. Poor Adam has worked so hard and we have prayed hard that Anna Grace will at least hold off until Saturday morning. :) This will be a fun day. Mom is taking me up to the tournament for a little while but I have been given strict joy riding on the golf carts.

Also, Friday night we are having a BBQ after the tournament. This might put me in labor. Pepa's BBQ is A-mazing. I can't wait to eat some. We love Mema and Pepa and are happy to have them in Greenville for a few days. These are Caleb's grandparents and Adam, Sally, and I love them like our own.

Saturday: The morning should be uneventful and then its off to Pump it up for the youth Graduation party. Yes, a blow up party. Of course, I can't participate in this either. :( Sad day. You see I am told jumping up and down would probably do some damage to me or her. I just want to go into labor that won't be stopped once I get to the hospital.

Sunday: Ahhh....the end or beginning however you look at it. Its graduate recognition and a big lunch followed by a big nap! Plus the last night of Awana at church. I have missed helping at Awana but I am very interested to hear what they have learned since I have been "out"

There you have it. Our long weekend. At least with all thats going on, I won't get bored and the weekend should fly by. Next on the calendar after Sunday- no big plans just finally meeting our daughter!

P.s. She says hi.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunset Watch

For Memorial Day, Adam and I were able to travel to Lake Lure to be with my family over the holiday. The picture above was from this fall, I was pregnant with Anna Grace and didn't know yet. It always makes me smile to think she was with us that day and how are lives were about to change. We were so excited to find out she was on her way.

Sunday afternoon Adam went to church and I stayed back to pack for myself and Adam as well as Pepper. I had forgotten what its like to get her ready for one overnight visit. I laughed to myself thinking of what it will be like in a few weeks when Anna Grace is here. It should make packing for Pepper seem like a breeze.

Once we arrived Sunday, the family sat around and talked about Anna Grace and Baby Brown (who will be here around the end of Nov or first of Dec.) My cousin Lance and his wife Blair are expecting their first child. I can't explain excitement I feel when I think about Christmas with Hoppers and two new infants. If you know my family you know what this will be like. Lots of love and laughter and chaos. Anyway, then we played the game signs. I was very fearful that I was going into labor. I laughed so hard and for so long that I thought I was going to laugh her out. At one point two different people were throwing around signs. Plus ONE of us never knew when she had a sign. No, it wasn't me. If one game wasn't enough, we played Apples to Apples after that. It was a fun night and Adam and I always enjoy laughing with our family.

Monday, Mom and I went into to downtown Chimney Rock and "shopped" nothing too serious. She did buy me one more outfit. I am so excited because its so cute and so comfortable. Its something too that will fit perfectly after I have Anna Grace.

Then Monday night, we had hotdogs and celebrated Pop Pops and Adam as Veterans. We had an incredible view of the lake with the sunset and the rain. The name of the house is Sunset Watch and it is incredible to sit on that porch and watch the sun fall behind the mountains. It was great, Adam and I didn't want to leave but we have a busy week ahead. Dr. visits, a golf tournament that Adam and put together for our youth, and of course the fact that AG could be here anytime. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

T-minus 15 days...or less

*15 days or less until we meet our little girl.

*15 more days of being pregnant with my first child.

*15 more days of eating what I really shouldn't eat...:)

If Anna Grace doesn't decide to come before June 9th, I will be officially induced on June 10th. Yes, thats right. I have prayed and hoped and I am going to be able to try for a "natural" birth. Please pray that the next few days go quickly and that she continues to do well. We believe in God's specfic plan eventhough we have no idea what it is. Pray for peace for us and for a peacefully delivery.

We can't wait to meet our sweet Anna Grace and we would love for it to happen anytime now!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There are many babies coming into the world around Adam and me. His sister and step sister both had babies in December and Ashley (step sister) and myself have been pregnant together. Well Caroline entered the world at 4:44 am today and she and Anna Grace I know will make there marks in the family. Congrats Ashley and Adam! You are going to be great parents and Adam and I are delighted to enjoy the ride with you. Hold on Caroline, your partner in crime will be here soon enough!

I love this picture. She looks so content and a girl after my own heart, she likes her bath!

Caroline weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and has strawberry blond hair.

Monday, May 11, 2009

House of girls

Since I have been on bedrest, Adam has done all of the grocery shopping. Today, he had to run out a get a few staple items to get me through the week. Typically he comes home with a suprise to keep me going and he actually has more restraint than I ever have when shopping for food.

Well, I knew he was nervous about having a house full of women to deal with. I mean he married me, got a female puppy, and God has given us a sweet little girl. He is preparing for sleepless nights and lots to deal with. Today, he decided he needed some manly things in this house that has been taken over by pink things. HA! I love fruit snacks- No preference in brand really just good old fashioned fruit snacks. I have to give him credit he did ask if I had a preference. I won't tell you what he bought you can see it in the picture. You can also see what I crave-minus the crunchy ice I love from Sonic.

This is me- 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant with Miss Priss. It was Mother's Day so we had to take a picture. I look exhausted but I am very happy to be with my favorite people.

My Mom, sister, and Caleb are in Lakeshore, MS for the week. They will be doing mission work. Please be praying for them as they work. I know they are having a blast. Also, pray AG holds out until they get home, so they don't have to rush home.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What AG is up to these days....

I love this shot of her right hand curled up. She is going to have a mean right hook just ask my insides. :)

Anna Grace you are rolling around more and more each day.

When Mama monitors at night you do what Daddy and I call attacking the fences. You HATE the monitors. It is so funny to watch you squirm and move to try and get away. But you are too packed in there now and can't get away.

Daddy can talk to you and calm you down. He reassures you that the monitor will be gone soon and you calm down. He will continue to talk to you about the day or how special you are and as soon as he stops and walks melt down again. Maybe you think this is a game. But its amazing as parents to see you react to our love already.

You and Mama spent a few days on the couch in Gaffney. Mima and Pop loved having us there with Daddy. It makes Mama spoiled to have so many people watch after her.

Our new craving is the small "crunchy" ice. Mama loves it and is pretty sure you do too.

Today at the doctor we received a possible C section date. This will be revealed to the general public when confirmed. Mama and Daddy don't think you want to wait that long to let us kiss your sweet face but who knows you may hold out. Either way it will be in less 35 days, thats all I am saying. :) I can't WAIT!

For now, we are still on the couch. But in a few weeks Mama should be able to get up and move around more.

You are already a joy and we love you oh so much. God has truly blessed us and we can't wait to be "graced" with your presence completely in our life.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Anna Grace's Room

I am so excited to have AG's nursery done! My parents, sister, Caleb, and Adam finished up today. We, well they, washed the rest of the clothes, hung artwork, and washed blinds and put up curtains. The boys did great with all of the pink. In fact, I would dare say they enjoyed setting up her room.

I love love love her curtains. They were a steal at Pottery Barn. The dance yourself silly sign brings a big smile to my face. I can see her in a few years spinning and jumping as she is learning to tap her toes. My mom found the doll house from a friend and we just HAD to have it.

Now, we all feel ready for her to be here. I can rest easy knowing her room is ready. Oh yeah, Pop hung her letters. This was a process. He had a tape measure and all. I had to watch to approve. I wish you could have seen all 6 of us, plus AG who happened to have hiccups. It was a great moment I won't forget.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home sweet home

Well, we are home from the hospital. Thankfully my contractions stopped around 5pm on Monday and remained stopped through Tuesday and last night. The scary part is I could not feel these contractions and they were two minutes apart and lasting 20 to 40 seconds. All I could feel was pressure on every other contraction. I just knew Monday I felt different.

So! We are home on home monitoring which means I will be monitored a few times a day and the information will be sent to a nurse who will call me if I need to report back to the hospital. Also, if I begin to feel pressure I can strap myself to the monitors and check, just in case.

The plan still remains the same. I am 33 weeks today and Dr. Greig would like to see me make it to 38 weeks. So, 5 more to go! If I continue to have spellls of contractions I will go back in the hospital to be monitored around the clock. Pray I can continue to stay home because this will be easier for all involved.

Needless to say, Adam and I are packing our hospital bag now. So we don't have to make a mad dash next time. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hospital Update

Yes, we are back in the hospital. Last week at the doctors I was measuring 36 weeks pregnant and I wasn't suprised when my contractions started back Sunday evening. I knew I felt different and had lots of pressure. Still couldn't feel any contractions.

I saw Dr. Greig Monday morning and my contractions had progressed to 2 minutes apart and lasting for 20 to 40 seconds. Thankfully they weren't not real strong and weren't causing me to dialate, just thin out. Last time I had begun to dialate.

At 4pm Monday they were able to stop them completely. I will have my last round of steriods today and that will help her until 35 to 36 weeks. Either way we are close to being in a safe deliverary place.

I may be able to go home by Wednesday but it really just depends on my body. Please continue for Anna Grace to grow strong and be ready. I will try to keep the blog updated.

Emily and Adam

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cell Block B

Pepper and I had to send Daddy a picture of us keeping AG warm and comfy!

Big Belly at 32 weeks- Only about 6 more to go until a possible C section. The plan right now is 38 weeks. :)

The girls keeping me warm. We nap together frequently.

These past few days, I have been in Gaffney with my parents while Adam is in Nashville for a conference.

I have had a great week. Lots of company and talks with friends and family that I have been missing. Eventhough I wish Adam was with me.

Good Doctors visits. Lots of rest. Two miniture dachshunds to keep me entertained!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bedrest, fluid, and Anna Grace

I know that most people think you can come up with grand ideas for bedrest. Well believe it or not, after week one maybe two all you want is for it to be over. You start to find ways to make the day go faster. Like naps. There is a huge risk with naps. Naps mean you won't sleep at night. Oh well sometimes its worth it. Thank you notes keep you busy. Sudoku and word searches help as well. I thought I would blog all the time but I don't. Instead I have been catching up on others blogs and shopping online. Not buying anything just "window" shopping.

I go to the doc every week. My fluid has started to raise again. So they will be closely monitoring me. The main concerns are more contractions, Anna Grace not being able to handle the fluid, and the strain it causes on my body.

Anna Grace so far has not had any problems with the fluid so far but health concerns can occur. I have full trust in God (eventhough everyday I have to re-surrender AG to Him) and I trust Dr. Greig.

Pray that AG continues to do well and that she will stay put for at least 3 more weeks with the hopes of staying for 4 weeks after that.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I hope you enjoy this.... I came across it today and had to share.

My Engagement Account by Adam Burgess

I am very picky when it comes to selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring. I started looking for the ring when I got home from Afghanistan last December. I would go about 1-2 times a month and get familiar with the diamond. I looked at nearly a million different stones until I could tell just by looking at them if it was a good one or a bad one. I got serious about shopping in February. I went at least once a week to a couple of jewelers in Fayetteville, Gaffney, Spartanburg, and Anderson with which I felt most secure. My biggest fears were getting a bad ring or not getting one that would accent the beauty of my wife-to-be. I wouldn’t buy a ring until I felt deep down that it would be perfect for Emily.

The first of March, I was ready to buy. By this time, I was one of the paramount scholars in the field of gemology, specializing in the diamond. I felt sure that I was closing in on Emily’s diamond, so I made the decision that I would not rest until I owned her ring. I went to Carlyle and Co. Jewelers that cold, clear night with the intention of describing the ring of my dreams and having them search the world over for it. Little did I know that fate was staring me in the face. I was showing the jeweler what I wanted, and when I found her ring, I was drawn to it. I held the ring in the light, examined it under a microscope, compared it to other less fortunate diamonds that just couldn’t stand up to the beauty and potential that this diamond had for my beautiful Emily. One problem that I had with this diamond was that it was clothed with a yellow gold band. I had envisioned the ring wearing a pure, white garment. My jeweler ensured me that my diamond would look stunning with a band of white gold. I could have never believed that the diamond I was holding could look any clearer or more dazzling than it did in the store that night. I immediately bought the token of love for my darling Emily with the intent of having it transformed into an even more impressive show of love. I would have to wait 10 days to see the work of art.

During the long wait, I had to take a few more steps before I could be engaged to marry my sweetheart. I had to first ask for her hand in marriage. That would be the hardest step in the process. Greg McCraw has the most amazing daughter on the face of the Earth. I thought long and hard about it, and I was afraid that he knew the prize that the Lord had given him and wouldn’t be willing to part with her. That thought tormented me for a while. I also wanted to be able to plead my case in an official, non-threatening way. I needed to spend some time with him and gain his trust and confidence before I could be so bold as to ask for his daughter with the intent of marriage. One problem stood in my way. As a paratrooper in the 82d Airborne Division, I am not afforded the opportunity to go home at my leisure. I waited a couple of weeks in hopes that I would be able to rush home one weekend and talk to the man who at the moment stood between my love and me. Time slowly became my enemy and I had to act quickly. I accepted plan “B”, although it was not my favorite choice. I took a deep breath and took the plunge that would change my life forever. I picked up the phone and called him while Emily was working one night. Small talk between men who are expecting the inevitable is very quick and awkward. Since I had the element of surprise in my favor, I knew I had to act fast to be able to maintain the upper hand. So I said a quick, sincere prayer and the winds of fate blew my way. I stumbled upon a segue way that led me into the moment of truth. He asked me when I was going to get to come home. I found my opening and jumped through it. “Well, that is actually the reason I am calling. It is going to be a while before I can come home, and I wanted to call and ask your permission to marry Emily?”

The short pause felt like an eternity as he pondered the much-anticipated question. “Absolutely,” he began, “I would be honored for you to marry Emily.” Just like that, the burden was lifted and our conversation lightened up. Greg went on to express his desire to always be there for us and his interest in our financial well-being. The whole conversation lasted about 5 minutes, but seemed like an eternity. The man I feared was now my comrade.

The next issue was how to propose. With a week left before I would see my unsuspecting girlfriend, and a few days before I would get the ring back, I had to devise a plan. I wanted the day to be one that we would never forget. I wanted everything perfect and magical. I decided that I would ask her on the beach during one of the walks that we both loved so much. I planned the day out to perfection. As hard as she tried, Emily would not able to penetrate my cunning plans.

The time had come to pick up the small token of my love for my Princess. I went to the jeweler’s after work on Thursday, a week before the long-awaited moment. He presented me with a work of art that words cannot explain. I remembered the shimmering beauty of a diamond from a week ago, but I was not prepared for the transformation that it took. Like a caterpillar breaking free from its cocoon as an alluring butterfly. I held this ring, and I knew that its next adaptation would add even more beauty. In three days, it would go from being just another diamond ring to Emily’s Diamond Engagement Ring! I floated away from the jewelry store and couldn’t wait to show my friends, my family away from home, the ring that would change two lives forever. When I arrived at Jeremy and Amber’s, they were stunned that little ole me could find such an amazing ring. I then proceeded to give them my plan for the engagement night.

Emily arrived in Fayetteville on Tuesday, though I wouldn’t see her until Wednesday afternoon. My Battalion had an Airborne Operation planned, so I wouldn’t be off work until early Wednesday morning. It was Emily’s Spring Break from school, so it was going to be wonderful to have her all to myself all week. I was supposed to have Friday off of work, but some last minute business made me work for half of the day. I am often sporadic, and I told her that I still wanted to go Myrtle Beach even though we would only be able to spend half a day there. Emily reluctantly agreed to my request. As long as we were together, she didn’t really care what we did. When I got off work, we got ready and started on the path to the rest of our lives.

Since I was on a 2-hour recall in my Battalion, I realized that I was taking a huge risk in going to the beach. In order to pull off a successful and worry-free trip, I had to have an inside source to give me a heads up in case something happened. John, my old roommate was just that person. I told him my plan, and let him know that I planned to be home by 10:00pm on Friday night. Since a call from him meant bad news, I told him not to call unless it was an emergency. All day, every time my phone would ring, my heart would skip a beat. The day would be utterly ruined if I were caught away from the base.

We left Jeremy and Amber’s right before lunch on Friday, March 21, 2003. We were in no rush, since this was a relaxing, carefree trip with no purpose and we really had nowhere to be. We drove through Taco Bell on the way out of town and ate on the way down so we could have more time at the beach. About halfway there, around Dillon, we passed a sign that said, “Baby Chicks for sale.” Emily wanted me to stop and let her “look” at them. I, of course, knew that if she coerced me into stopping that I would cease to be her center of her attention as we took our brand new baby chick to the beach with us. Being the man of the relationship, I put my foot down and told her no! I couldn’t be swayed or bribed. I could however, string her along. After all, I know what the day holds and she doesn’t. After she had begged and pleaded and did everything short of crying (and we were safely 5-6 miles down the road) I made a deal with her. She perked up at the thought of making a deal that surely would end up with a cute, little chicken. I told her that if she were not completely satisfied at the end of the day, and that if I didn’t completely show her how much she was loved, I would do better than buy her a baby chicken… I would buy her a Kitten! She took the bait, and started plotting how to not have fun. Emily had practically named her little furry beast, still with no clue that I was playing a devious little game.

We made it to Barefoot Landing safe, sound, and without any furry hitchhikers. We spend the day poking around the shops and just killing time. I like to plan enough to not be bored, but I love a little spontaneity in my life as well. The only sure things on my agenda were a game of Putt-Putt, a nice dinner, and a long, romantic walk on the beach. So, we just set off in no particular direction.

After spending a good bit of the morning at Barefoot Landing, I suggested we go find a fun little mini-golf course. If there is one thing in the world that Emily and I are both mega-competitive at, that is it. We found a course and set out on our rivalry. Emily has always given me a run for my money, but this time, I was slowly getting an edge. It came down to the final holes, and I am almost ashamed to say that I pulled out a stunning victory! Looking back, it is pretty sad that I whipped up on her the same day I proposed! I guess that proves that she really does love me! I humbly celebrated my win by letting her beat me at a few games of Skeeball. OK, I am man enough to admit that she is better than me, and she won at Skeeball all on her own. After a little fun in the Game room, we went back to Barefoot Landing for dinner.

We both love steak. If God blessed us with one thing, it is good appetites. Emily loves the Filet Mignon and I am a Prime Rib kind of guy. So, where else would we go for a nice, romantic dinner overlooking the harbor than T-Bones Steakhouse? Somehow, Emily managed to turn the conversation to the topic of engagement. I danced around the topic like a seasoned clogger and successfully kept the wool pulled over her eyes. I have dodged some pretty close bullets before, but she was aiming hard. I convinced her that I had to ask her dad before I would dare buy a ring, and she would definitely know if I had talked to him. She agreed. I went on to say that as soon as I found the perfect ring, I would have it on her finger. “Hurry Up," she protested.

“Baby, I am as anxious as you are. You know that as soon as I find the perfect ring that makes me go Wow, it will be on your finger.” Of course, I found the humor in the conversation because I knew that right at that very minute, I had the ring in the pocket of my jeans. I had found the perfect ring, and it was about to be on her finger! Luckily, the conversation changed direction and we ate dinner in peace and we were evermore in love.

After dinner, we went down the harbor to try to watch the sunset and to look at the boats. I was trying to kill a little more time until it got dark. After a little while, we decided it was about time to go home, so we would go down to the beach for a little stroll before we left. After all, what is a trip to the beach without a long walk on the beach?

We were holding hands as we walked along the edge on the tide, reminiscing about our 2 1/2 years together. I was trying to work up the nerve to ask her to marry me, but the words were stuck in my throat. I kept trying to bring up about all of the special times we have shared together, and all of the wonderful memories that we have with each other. After about 10 minutes or so, I had to start making a move. Since I had the ring in my left pocket, I casually spun her around, pulled her close, and kissed her. We danced a little, which we are prone to do at the oddest of times, for no particular reason. When we started walking again, I made sure she was on my right side. I nonchalantly reached into my pocket and slipped the ring onto my finger so I could prompt myself to go for it. We walked for another minute or so while my heart proceeded to wreak havoc in my chest cavity. I saw the lights of a hotel ahead of us that lit the area down by the water pretty well, so I thought that it would be a perfect place to stop, turn her around and make her day worthwhile.

We made it to the designated spot; I turned, opened my mouth and quickly prepped my brain to produce the right words. For what felt like an eternity, I stood there with my mouth open, ready to go, but nothing else was working. Immediately, Emily thought something was wrong. My body was reacting to the emotion that was being produced from one of the most stressful moments in my whole entire life. I took a deep breath and began. “Emily, you mean the world to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” So far, so good, I thought. “I want tonight to be another memory that we share for the rest of our lives.” I am not sure at this point if she was expecting good news or bad news, but either way, I had to cut to the chase. I instinctively dropped down on one knee like I knew was customary and asked, “Emily, will you marry me?”

I offered her the ring and for a brief second thought that I was going to have casualty on my hands. She was very still and quiet for a moment and that petrified me.
Was she trying to gracefully decline, or could she not breathe. Either way, one of us was about to hit the ground. Praise the Lord! She took a deep breath and managed to whisper, “Put it on me” as she held out her hand.

I did, and we held each other tight to savor the moment. Much to my surprise, I had tears in my eyes. She pulled back and looked at me. “How did you do it? I had no idea that you were going to do that!”

We started walking towards my car that was parked about a half a mile away. We talked about it all as we walked hand in hand. I confessed that I was completely surprised that no one had slipped up and said too much. We laughed about how close she was a couple of times during the day to finding out my plan. We rehashed the conversation from dinner when I barely avoided her blind shots of when we would be getting engaged. We found our exit from the sand, and as we walked across the parking lot to my car, the inevitable happened.

John called, and as he sounded as though a war had kicked off and we were hours away from donning our parachutes and jumping into enemy territory. “Charlie Company just got recalled and I think the whole Battalion is getting recalled soon.”

Here’s the situation… I am 2 hours away from the base, I am currently breaking the rules by being gone, and in less than 2 hours, I may be late for a formation that could get me in some major trouble. Turns out that someone had come up hot on a drug test, and that company was being pulled back in. I told John that we were going to leave immediately and try to beat time back to Fort Bragg. What a crummy time to have a recall. I had one thing on my mind and that was getting home. We got in the car, and as fast as I could drive (without exceeding the speed limit, of course) I pushed my little red Jetta up the road. This was one of the best days of my life and I had no desire for it to come to an abrupt, sour end.

During the ride home, Emily had the cell phone pinned to her ear. That was OK for a little while because I was too worried about my current situation and focused on the road to mind. I called John back when I was halfway home, and he told me to relax because nothing was happening at our Company. For the first time in about an hour, I breathed. Emily called EVERYONE! I let her go on for a little while, but then felt like it was my turn for some attention. I took her phone away and made her take a timeout. I had one question for her that I already knew the answer to. “Emily, are you completely satisfied with today?”

As much as she would have liked to say no, she smiled at me and with a twinkle in her eyes said, “Yes, I am!” We finally got back to Fayetteville, and since we didn’t get recalled, we went back to the Harper’s and wound down after a full and adventurous day. Emily and I made a few more phone calls before we went to bed. I went to bed happy because I was now engaged to marry the love of my life and didn’t have to worry about buying a kitten for a little while longer.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Attack of Adorable baby items!

Alright, I am going to show some restraint but I had to share a few things that I found this morning on A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! I can't wait to change Anna Grace's clothes ten times a day. I hope she likes all that mom is picking out!

I have held MUCH restraint when looking over the items but these are some items that I would love to have for Miss Priss. Like this onsie. I mean red high heels are a must, I am sure that Aunt Sammie and Cousin Elizabeth would want her to have red high heels.

Or these adorable shoes...I mean she is going to need shoes right? Who cares if she won't be walking for awhile.

Ok, so I am going to have to buy one of these. I had bows from the moment I came into this world and so will AG.

Here are few items I picked out that her Daddy would love to see her wear. Maybe these bows during All American Week at Fort Bragg.

Or these during the 4th of July at the lake.

Either way, she will be the cutest around- pray I don't go nuts. :0

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The past few days have been an interesting struggle. I have faced fears that I didn't think I would have to face, stayed in the hospital for the first time in my 26 years, and been the most scared I have ever been in 26 years.

I have been thinking about how blessed I have been and wanted to share those with you. I also will be using this blog now for Anna Grace too. One day, she will want to know what her Mama did for 6 to 8 weeks before she arrived.

I have the most wonderful husband in the world. I knew early on in my life that he was wonderful. Now, 9 years later, I am forever greatful for him. Right now, he is in the kitchen making me brownies. He has always loved my endlessly and I am very aware and thankful for that. If you don't know him personally I hope you meet him one won't be the same.

My family- from the food to the countless deeds they have done, I am forever thankful.

Anna Grace- Sweet one you have blessed your mama and daddy beyond belief. You never cease to amaaze us. We can't wait to hold you, touch your sweet face, and put you in all the cute clothes you already have. We pray for you always and can't wait for you to officially be here. Although you can wait another 80 days or so.

I am so thankful for my savior. He has walked with us through this journey and I refuse to believe that He doesn't have a plan for our little family. He has blessed us with an amazing doctor who prays over us like we are his family.

A few random things this pregnant girl is thankful for: dvr, brownies, dr. pepper (even thought I haven't drank a lot!), my Pepper J, sleep, Facebook, blogs, and the internet. :)

I hope you will think tonight about what you are thankful for, I promise it will help heal hurt and make you eager for the next day.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home sweet home

Just a quick update to let you know we are home. We appreciate your prayers more than you know. Our goal for today is to keep Miss Priss settled and in Mom until 34 weeks. Which is...7 weeks away. Dr. Greig thinks if I can go this far, then we can make it further. He has been such a God send for us. He prayed over me and AG before we got to the hospital and was so excited when things went great on Tuesday.

When you see me I do look different. My giant pool has been taken away and Anna Grace has made it clear that she misses it! I guess we will be taking swimming lessons at an early age.

She is doing great. Please continue to pray for her swelling that is staying stable. We know that the Lord has huge plans for us as a family. Pray that we continue to hold tight to that in the coming weeks.

I will be seeing Dr. Greig tomorrow (Friday). We will update again after that appointment.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update and Prayers

Some of you may know that I have been in the hospital since Monday afternoon. I have been having contractions because of extra fluid and this was putting me into pre-term labor. This morning, Dr Greig drew a liter and half of amniotic fluid out of my uterus. Don't worry, I didn't feel a thing. Adam was able to stay with me during the procedure and I have slept a lot today.

My contractions have stopped. In preparation for AG, I have gotten a round of steriod shots to mature the baby's lungs. This will last about 2 week at which point I will be 29 weeks. Our first goal is 34 weeks and after that Dr. Greig feels like we can make it until 38 weeks. I will be on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy... possibly working part time and from home. I will remain the hospital until at least Wednesday afternoon.

Please prayer that AG will continue to thrive and grow. Also, that I will do exactly what I need to and that the Lord will fully heal AG. We are optimistic and continue to follow the prescriptions of our doctor (who we love, by the way!). Please pray for him as well. His name is Dr. Greig.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Doggie discipline

Adam and I always wanted a puppy. When we first got married we decided to wait until we moved back to Greenville. Then it became we can't have animals while we rent. Last summer when I got sick, we decided to pursue getting a puppy because the doctors wanted us to wait to have a little one. Basically because my body was tired and I still had a Chron's flare up.

We brought Pepper home in August. Not only was my body tired but the doctors had told us it could take awhile to get prego. Well what do they know. My mom had told us, you are going to get the dog, and watch you will get pregnant. I didn't believe her because I wanted a baby desperately.

Adam and I jumped into training P to do all sorts of tricks. She had social times with Sadie, my parents dog, and was adjusting well. Now, months later, she is STILL a puppy. I love her dearly but can't help but think, her life is about to be turned upside down with AG. We talk about AG alot and tell Pepper that she is going to have a dear new friend shortly.

Now, as I look at my precious pup, she is racked out on the couch from her 6am walk with her Daddy. We are hpoing this will help her with energy issues. We are also going to buy a baby doll soon to walk around with and put in the crib. So far, so good, she has shown NO interest in the crib, swing, pack and play or high chair, just the packing materials they all come in!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Doc and Nursery update

Last Thursday, we had our appointment with Dr. Greig. All is still basically the same with the swelling but Dr. Greig is very encouraging and hopeful with the process. AG is growing perfectly and handling the extra swelling just fine. Mom still has some extra fluid but my body is handling that just fine as well. We will continue to see Dr. Greig weekly as a precaution. Please continue to pray for complete healing. I have a deep peace that God is doing something amazing and I have to hold on to that. We are praying Eph. 3: 20 over our family. We are looking for bigger blessings!

Today, Mimi and I fixed up the nursery. We are not done yet but we got a great start!

Our growing family...Pepper just had to be in the picture. Please excuse the PJ's. I am exhausted!

Mama and Daddy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow day 2009

I love snow days! When I was younger we would sit up at night and wait for the "snow" that would be coming.

One histerical memory was from probably around 1992. We all loaded up and went to my Aunt Barbara's to wait for the snow that was supposed to start around 11pm or midnight. Everyone was wrapped up in the pj's with dreams of sledding and snow cream. So, when the 11pm weather came on we were speechless. Jack Roper (news channel 7) says, "folks, the snow appears to be disappaiting before it hits the ground." Do you know what that does to a 10 year old? I can remember being angry with him for years. Not only did my parents let a 10 year old stay up way past her bed time but now I had to go to school the next day because the snow was not real.

When it began falling Sunday night, Adam and I were thrilled. First thing Monday we got up and put on anything warm we could and took Pepper and AG out in the snow. The picture above was taken right before Adam hit his daughter with her first snow ball. Good thing she was tucked away in Mom's belly.

A few updates on AG. She is still moving like a maniac. She loves music more and more each day. Has began to move positions if her Daddy is talking to her. She HATES when he blows on my stomach. I can feel her tighten up and squirm to get away from the vibrations.

On Thursday, we have a doctors appointment with Dr. Greig. Of course, we are always nervous with these because each one has brought about new concerns. But I am confident in my God. He has a plan. Please be praying for us as we seek direction and pray for healing for our sweet Anna Grace. I will be updating with new info from the appointment as soon as I can.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Radio City Music Hall bound!

I won't begin to act like I don't want Anna Grace to take dance lessons one day. In fact, the day we found out we were having a girl Adam proudly proclaimed that she would know how to shuffle step before her first class. I even more proud exclaimed, yes she will because her Mama can teach her how! In fact, I know where I want her to take dance lessons, Southern Dance Academy, where I took as a little girl.

Well lately I have began to wonder if we might have a rockette on our hands. So, tonight while laying in the recliner with Pepper catching up on some DVR, I tried a little experiment. I can always tell where she is laying in my belly so I put the remote right on top of my belly and watched. She didn't kick it off completely yet but I was quite impressed that one of her lighter kicks shook it pretty good.

I am 23 weeks today so I can't imagine what these kicks will feel like in a month much less by June. Adam can feel her roll around now and feel all of her kicks.

I have another check up on Friday at the OB and then Monday we meet with our specialist. Of course, we are excited that we get to see her on Monday and double check that she is Anna Grace and not Caleb! Although Caleb Simmons, my sister's boyfriend, is not ashamed to say if this baby was a boy, he would be tickled pink, ha!
I on the other hand don't know how I would deal. I have fallen in love with this precious little girl. Don't get my wrong I would love the baby if it was a chimp as Adam's dad would say.

Anyway, enough rambling. I am off to eat a warm delight, curl up with my 14 pillows I sleep with, and watch a little more TV, until I have to get up to use the bathroom of course!

Monday, February 2, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

In honor of feeling encouraged by other blogs I thought I would share my "not me!" Monday moments.

I did not wake up at 6am to a scratching in the wall. This did not confirm our fears that we might have a critter in the wall. In fact, I did not see him/her scurry underneath the bushes when I arrived home the other night. Praise God I was still in the car when he scurried by!

I did not get up to pee 5 times before 6am. Thus, leaving the 6am potty break very interesting. As I did not wake up Adam to make sure that nothing furry would scurry beneath Pregnant girls feet.

I did not begin nesting today at work. Yes, I did not begin organizing other peoples areas while they were standing there.

I did not get excited about eating in the dining hall. I did not have a hamburger and fries for lunch. Nor did I enjoy a Dr. Pepper.

I did not talk to Anna Grace all morning about how to plan events for NGU. I did not speak out loud to her.

I hope you enjoyed my joyous moments of the day! I would love to hear about your Not Me! Mondays!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Anna Grace

Adam and I would like to introduce you to our little girl. Anna Grace Burgess.We become strong family very quickly Wednesday. Most of you know about that day and what we went through. But our God began healing her instantly and I won't believe any other finding. Please continue to pray for AG. She has lymphangioma. Please know she is growing perfectly. Her heart, brain, etc are perfect. Her sweet face is perfect and she is beautiful. Pray specifically for her left side where the main cyst is. Right now we don't have a lot of details but are praying that Christ continues to heal her and she won't have to have surgery ever, at all for these places. We will see our specialist, Dr. Grieg on February 23rd and then go see the pediatric surgeon right after. SHe is active and having a ball as the Lord is making her wonderful. Below is my 20 week picture. Below are many pics of her loot that she has recieved.

Thank you Daddy, Pop (my daddy) and Mimi (my mom), Aunt Sammie, Anut Barbara, Cousin Blair, and mama for my gifts!
Its crazy that she already has a vitage bib, sweet hats, and pampers from Pop. Yes, Pop bought her the very first 100 pack of pampers and wipes. He is sooo excited to teach her how to drive a tractor and scout for deer. I will teach her not to spray her hair like Mama did before Pop took me hunting!