Sunday, December 7, 2008

Past 6 months

I have heard so many people say don't write about the chaos when you are going through it. WAIT. Let it settle its self out and then decide what to share. I will start with May.

May- Adam and I had been planning to start a family when he was almost done with school. We had decided on September to start trying and then moved it on up to June. (hope this isn't too much info) Well at the end of May I began to feel quesy alot and just sick all the time. Not prego sick. Something is wrong sick. I was not able to work some days for the pain and constant potty times. Fast foward to June.

June: I would have ok days, so we decided to def. go to the beach with my family and enjoy our vacation. I was sick for the entire time. I had been to the doctor and they thought severe constipation/maybe my gall baldder. I barely survived the beach.

July: I was now seeing a specialist, loosing weight, and sick all the time. July 11th I had an endoscopy, to check on my gall bladder. I got the all clear you are fine we will check you in a few weeks card.

August 21st- Had another procedure...use your imagination. I had lost 15 or so pounds and was anemic. I was diagnosed with Chron's disease and told to put off the baby making machine. Adam and I prayed and thought alot about going back on birth control and opted not too. I was devasted. I didn't know if I would ever have a child. My body had been through torment. I begain taking LOTS of meds and trying to heal my body.

September: A complete blur. I began to feel great with in two weeks of beginning meds. I wanted to go everywhere.

October 3rdish- First time I thought I might be pregnant. But we all no we tend to think that a lot and didn't want to waste money on a pregnancy test. Mean while, my Daddy is continuing to get worse. He can't walk long distances and no one can seen to find out whats wrong with him either.

October 14th: Found out we were in fact pregnant. Adam came home from a LONG day of school and I just blurt it out. We take 5 more pregnancy tests. I am reserching how often they can be wrong because I am about to burst with excitement. Pregnancy is confirmed with Dr. visit and the gastro Doc says I am a picture of health for what I have just been through.

November: Daddy goes to see our family doctor. They do some tests and can't find a heartbeat in either feet. He is sent to a specialist and things sped up from there. November 11- He has major surgery to create a new artery in/around his stomach. He had no blood flow to his legs before. Therefore he couldn't walk but a few feet without major pain. Of course the day of surgery was a major affair for the family. It was 5 hours long. During surgery- the doctor found another blockage in his kidney. By the end of the day, we were all drained and so happy to at least see Daddy.

Side note- funny story. Daddy had an epidural. So, when I entered the heart ICU to see him. He exclaims- "emily I had a baby too!" Well Daddy I had not had may baby yet and you well whatever you think happened, happened.

Now, a month later. Daddy can walk 8 miles a day with no pain. He is no longer smoking and has no desire too. The doctor told him and mom the next step with the blocked artery was death. Had his doctor not found this, only the Lord knows how long we would have had him with us.

I tell you all this so you can see how thankful and blessed our entire family is this Christmas season. Being together has never been better. I have never felt better and more excited-eventhough I really feel awful some days- I can't wait to teach this baby of Christ's love, our family love, and how to make each day count.

God is bigger than the results of a test, bigger than Chron's disease, and HE has blessed me greatly!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A blessed little girl

I have a HUGE blog to write about the past 6 months and what the Lord has done for myself, my family, and others. But right this moment I am busy. :) Busy with morning sickness, work, and getting ready for Adam's graduation but I promise very shortly will I let you know about the work that God has been doing in our lives.

But for now- enjoy the first glimpes of our Precious little Blessing.

I am waving hi in the picture.My Mom and Dad were so happy to see me. All Daddy could say was "oh wow"- "no way"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our first Halloween

Pepper and I had a discussion this morning about Halloween and how we would be Trick or Treating in Gaffney that evening. I will be sure to explain to her that Daddy and I will share candy with her. Please help us decide what Pepper should be for Halloween. Below are a few she is interested in wearing that night. She seems to be partial to the cow.

Cast your vote in the Pepper Jill 2008 Halloween Costume Election!

Could she dance her away across the stage in this precious pink tutu?

Mama loves brown cows and she loves her Pepper. How about the How Now Brown Cow costume?

She could also be a Pumpkin from Grandpa's pumpkin patch in Gaffney.

Arrr... could she be a salty dog in this pirate costume?

Voting officially starts now! Pictures from Halloween will be sure to follow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

What I have been up to-

Pepper Jill got her bath today. She wasn't exactly happy about it but we suffered through. She is sitting, almost laying down, and will run and hide from you if she even thinks she is in trouble. Oh yeah- she loves candy corn too.

I love fall and I love decorating! I was given this arrangement by Aunt Gail and the pilgrams were also a gift from my mom.

Mom and I did this arrangement last year. I love it because it works until Christmas and adds some height to my kitchen table. I couldn't resist the turkeys. I am the one on the left.

I saw this idea on a website that I love. It showcases candy corn as a centerpiece or arrangement-love this idea. I am not crazy about this particular candle but I love the idea.

I bought my first purchase of Really easy with handmade precious things. I bought these booties for my future child. Don't judge me. I had to have them. They were precious. If I don't have a girl I promise I will NOT put my son in them.

We are heading to Clemson tomorrow for the game. Sally Ann is already there and Caleb is dressing out again so I am pumped for some a fun day. Hopefully the Tigers will win and the rain will hold off.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Crock pot

I found this amazing blog today and just had to share. Some of these recipes are a little out there but I love saving time and having a delicous dinner. So check out to see what this lady has done.

She has made over 200 dinners using her crock pot for a year straight! Let me know what you decide to make and how it turns out. I think you will find her recipes easy and very informative.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I love this time of year. From leaves to pumpkins to candy corn. This is my time. Adam and I were talking tonight about life and the drains of ministry. I feel so blessed that the Lord fuels me each week to continue on this road. Changes are inevitable but even when I am sick and tired of loving on little ones He is there to make sure I don't screw up. I want to use this fall to grow and learn. Let all the bad fall off soak up a new happy time.

So, this fall when the leaves are changing and falling off I am praying that the old, sick parts of me will fall off and the Lord can be preparing the new happy excited me ready for the new changes and new blossoms.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have been meaning to catch my blogging world up on my sister and her first boyfriend. Caleb and Sally Ann have been officially dating for 2 months. sigh. He asked her out at my grandparents house really late one night. Which is where Adam kissed me the first time. sigh again.

Caleb is my pastor's son and is a Sophomore at Clemson where he plays on the football team. sigh. We can't get away from cute Clemson boys. I never dated a Carolina guy. Ever. Her first a Clemson football player. The Lord has such a since of humor.

Last Saturday, Mom, Sally and I went to the Clemson/Citadel game and with 2 minutes left Caleb played in his first collegiate football game. You would have thought he had thrown the winning pass in the superbowl the way we were carrying on. It was so amazing to watch. I know how hard he worked all year and this summer to get where he is now. It reminded of how hard our walk with Christ can be but how rewarding everything will be in the end.

So I look at Sally and Caleb as having a new start, a new found joy in each other. Caleb is a reminder of hard work and the pay off and I am blessed to have been there to be a part.

Pepper Jill Burgess

Our newest addition, Pepper, a miniature dachshund. Adam and I got her 5 weeks ago and she has kept us hopping since. We absolutely love her. She will be 11 weeks old on Thursday and can sit and almost has figured out lay down. Adam is determined to have her do all sorts of tricks.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

jumping july

The whole month of July has been full of firsts. It started out with my continued unknown disease (that is still unknown). This kept me rom eating yummy BBQ on the 4th of July and from skiing, tubing, or anything else because basically my stomach hated me. I ended up having an endoscopy on July 11. Sally Ann came home from the procedure with Adam and I because I do not do well after being put to sleep and Adam had grad school that Friday night. The next morning Sally, Caleb (her Boyfriend-that I need to blog about in another post) and I were going to Gaffney for the weekend and Adam was heading to Nashville for a conference. Ok a little background about my house. Its old, we are renting, and if you lock the door when leaving and their is someone in there without keys, they are locked in. :) Well Adam locked Sally Ann and I in. Thankfully when Caleb arrived he could get in my house, unlock the door, and free us. That was a first. Who can actually say they had been locked in their house? I would love to hear about it.

Ok the reason for the rollercoaster picture. Yesterday we took some of our youth to Carowinds. Korrina is a foreign exchange student from Germany and she has been her about a week. She came with us, so excited to ride some rides.

So here we are standing in line for our first ride. Korrina began to complain about being hungry and dizzy so Adam and I decided to have one of the students who was not riding the ride come get her and get her some food. Well within minutes she said black- and buckled in my arms. So, here we are with a child who speaks little English, on the ground, and she was unresponsive. Next thing I know I am in the front seat of an ambulance praying that this child will be fine and riding to Pineville Medical in Charlotte. Come to find out she was too embarrassed to let her host family know she was hungry and had not eaten since 4pm on Thursday. She kept crying when the paramedics would ask her questions because I was not with her anymore and she didn't understand. Thankfully once we were at the hospital I didn't have to leave her side which was only because God allowed it. After fluids, some gatorade, and a turkey sandwhich she was fine.

Her host family came to Charlotte to take her home and Adam and I went back to Carowinds to get the rest of the youth and our extra chaperone who almost didn't come. Thank you Lord for looking out for us. Personally I am glad its August. I am back at a somewhat healthy weight, I can eat, and Korrina and I are going to eat a big meal soon together and maybe go back to Carowinds.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who is a smart squirrel?

Top 10 best things about a youth trip.

1- Staying in a dorm room at 25 years old. Not as much fun as 18 years old.

2- Sleeping on a church bus with teenagers who do not want to sleep...ever.

3- Your Pastor buying ear plugs for the worship hour. (The band was extra loud.)

4- Answering the same childs question every day twice. "Do we need our Bible?" "What time is worship?" This could be a form of birth control for some couples.

5- Seeing Mobile through the eyes of a teen. Teens who are craving to love, minister, and be a part of Christ's love.

6- Watching Christ work, love, and heal. Writing His song for their life.

7- Having teenage boys claim that a random pair of underwear is "not mine". Well it has to be someones. Apparently it grew legs and walked over from another room. (Adam has more details about this)

8- Having a new youth grow and become a part of the youth group. Which is wear my title is from. He is such a smart squirrel. Who knew he could even talk before this trip. Now he can't shut up and I love it!

9- Being stuck in Atlanta traffic during a 9 hour car ride with out AIR!! This seems to happen on every trip.

10- Being at home in your bed with your husband. Best thing ever.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mobile or Bust

Monday morning at 5:30 am our students are leaving for Mobile, AL. There are 10 youth and 5 adults going and we are pumped. Please be praying for us as we travel, learn, and work. I have been very sick for a little over a month now and actually I am getting to go to camp. Pray that I maintain my energy, weight, and strength while gone. Adam and I both feel that I will be fine but we want to be proactive in keeping me healthy while we are gone.

I feel the Lord preparing our group for a fabulous time of growth. I love camp and being with our students. I love watching the struggle. I know that sounds mean but I do love watching the Lord work. Its a beautiful song when you can watch a person be broken before your eyes. Mainly because you can relate to that moment. Christ spirit moving is an amazing picture. Salvation is a sweet song.

So please be in prayer for us as we do the Lord's will and enjoy a time of bonding. Alabama Here we COME!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Took a little trip

Ok, so I took a long trip. I have had so many blogs in my head to start and nothing came. Even from giant occasions like my sisters high school graduation didn't spark me to type. Even now I don't really have a purpose for this blog. Beautiful. But I will catch you up on the 24th Annual Hopper Beach trip as easily as possible.

Saturday: Most of us left from my grandparents house at 8:30am. In my ride was Blair, Liz, Sam, and myself. Basically they put all the grandchildren in one car. It took 8 hours to get there. We stopped 3 times and one of those was to eat breakfast. I will say it didn't seem like 8 hours until about 3 pm when I wanted out of the car. Caroline, Ben, Adam, Lance, and Jim met us down there at all different times. At the beginning of the week there was 15 of us.

Sunday: First day on the beach and Pop Pop's 80th Birthday plus Father's Day. We had a great party for Pop Pop's. A luau. It was one of the best nights that week. (Pictures to follow)

Monday: Lots of on time on the beach. Caroline surfed, I watched. Caroline and Ben left. Which stunk completely because we didn't get any porch time to talk.

Tuesday: Beach, Broadway, sea food. Adam caught a sting ray deep sea fishing with Lance and we ate it. gross.

Wednesday: Caroline came back and we got porch time.

Thursday: Rode the rollarcoaster.

Firday: Super sad to leave on Saturday but got porch time with Debbie and Gibson! It was great to have a few extra Hopper's in the mix.

Saturday: sad day.

All in all the beach trip was great and I am forever thankful the Lord has given us 24 years of safe travel. I am not boasting in anything but Him but we have never had any one injured, no flat tires or travel trouble. Nothing. He has kept us safe for many years and I am blessed. Pics to follow soon!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Four beautiful years

Four years ago today,at this very time 11:13 am I was sitting in a hair salon with 9 of my closest friends. Preparing to see my groom. That day was the best day yet of my life. I am honored to be Adam's wife. Mostly because of who he encourages me to be. Adam is strong, dedicated, merciful, loving and loyal.

One of my favorite memories from that day was seeing him for their first time. I was so excited. Hours before he came to the room I was getting ready in and the photographer took that picture of the groom and bride with a door between them. When I heard his voice I melted. I couldn't wait to see him, to hold his hand and become his wife. After the ceremony you couldn't wipe the grin from his face. We were finally bound together in Christ.

Now four years later, we have been blessed beyond recognition. God has truly given me someone who challenges me with love and honor.

Adam, I cannot wait for the next forty years. We have a long ride ahead and lots of firsts still to come but I can't wait to share them with you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a frenzy

This past weekend was a blast. Sally Ann was presented to society (hehe) as a debutante. Something all of us Hopper grand girls have been apart of. The whole Hopper clan was there. Dressed to the nines and ready to party.

Sally Ann was absolutely stunning. She and my Dad waltzed beautfully and stole the show. Adam was her escort and they seemed to be a high light as well. Adam is not much of a dancer but he has embraced the fact that I love to dance and think it should be a daily activity for everyone. He even did the Cupid Shuffle. If you don't know what this is please go to and search the Cupid Shuffle. Its another Cha Cha slide basically. Pictures are posted so enjoy them.

There has been so much going on. We have started playing softball at the church. I am not coordinated when it comes to throwing a softball or catching or batting but I try. My first game Adam pitched and had me catching...yes me! I was terrified. Some of these men show up in the baseball pants and gloves, swinging the bats like pros. Then you have 5'4 me, frail behind them squating. I will try to get a picture soon. A batter hit a foul pop fly, which apparently I am supposed to try to catch. Well, I scream at the top of my lungs, "I am not getting it!" Adam swoops in and catches the ball. Talk about my hero. I had the umpire rolling with laughter. I will let you know that I was able to hit the ball. I did however get out at first. Plus, I could throw the softball back to Adam everytime from behind homeplate.
Huge accomplishment. I will try to update you each week on my role on the softball team.

Graduation took place last week at NGU. It was such a fun time. Two of my favs graduated, Emily and Joe. It was wonderful to watch them walk across that stage and know that they have grown in their walk with our Lord and they are ready for life outside of NGU.

We are currently looking to buy a new car. Long story about the one we just bought. Here is a summary: We bought a car, had it 11 days out of 25 and we got our FULL money back. The car was a lemon, I am told. So, Friday we are going to possibly buy one that I love. If all goes well, the VW dealership will check it out, and we will drive home new car owners again, for the second time in a month.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting to know you

Here is a little tag I picked up. Enjoy getting to know my Hubby a bit better.

1- How long did you date?
Adam and I dated for 4 years.

2- Where did you meet?
We met in July of 2000 at camp in Panama City, Florida. I will spare you the high school details. :) But it was definitely the ideal love story.

3- What attracted you to him?
Lets see...he was 19. Tall, dark, HOT. I think that would be how I described him at 17 when I came home and told my Mom all about him.

4- How old is he?
Adam is almost 28 years old.

5- Who eats more?
Most of the time him but I do give him a run for his money on ice cream.

6- Who said I love you first?
I did! At his Mom's house at like 3 in the morning. We were always staying up talking really late. Since we hardley ever saw each other, we made good use of our time by staying up all night.

7- Where was your first date?
Haywood Mall, in Greenville, SC. We went to Ruby Tuesday and Adam ate his food so fast. I ate like 3 bites because I was so nervous.

8-Whose taller?
Adam by quite a few inches.

9- Who sings better?
HAHA Adam. My kids may cry when I sing.

10- Who is smarter?
I am going to go with Adam. He is so interested in everything. I tend to take your word for it and he has to prove it.

11- Who has a worse temper? far. In fact through the years he has calmed me. Made me more aware of chosing my battles. In Adam's words, " some hills aren't worth dying on babe."

12- Who does the laundry?
We both do.

13- Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
He sleeps on the right side. Always between me and the door.

14- Who pays the bills?
Dave Ramsey Jr.or Adam pays the bills and manages the budget for us.

15- Who cooks?
We both enjoy being in the kitchen, especially together.

16- Who drives?

17- Who is more stubborn?
I have to go with Adam on this one. Loving but stubborn.

18- Who kissed who first?
Do you know the old horror film Christine? About the car that eats people. Anyway our first kiss was around 1am, watching this movie on the couch. Ok, so we made out...

19- Who admits when they are wrong?

20- Who proposed?
Adam did. Its a long histarical story for another post.

21-Who has more siblings?
Adam- I will try and explain. His mom married Randy. Nena, Adam's mom has Kayte and Adam. (Pay close attention to spelling of names it will help) Randy had-Ashley, Katie, and Adam. So when they married they had-Kayte, Adam Burgess, Ashley, Katie Barnett, and Adam Barnett.Now they are all married. Kayte is married to Kevin. Adam Burgess is married to me. Ashley is married to...Adam Beam. Katie is married to Michael. Lastly Adam Barnett, the youngest of the group is 18. You can imagine what Christmas is like.

I hope you enjoyed getting confused and learning more about Adam and I. I would love to hear about your husbands too!

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Official!

Adam and I are going to proud Aunt and Uncle once again. Adam's sister is pregnant with her first and she and her husband are pumped! Here is the fun story behind this pregnancy.

I dreamed about a month ago that I was at Kayte's apartment, that I haven't seen yet. She was VERY pregnant and I was her birthing coach. Since I have been present at two births in my life time and thoroughly LOVE the experience. I sternly told her that she couldn't have that baby in the recliner to get up and walk around.So, I took her to walk in the woods while the boys played football.

When I woke up I couldn't quit laughing I had to call Kayte. She laughed it off not knowing they had a bun in the oven. I however was shocked to learn they have woods behind their apartment complex. Grin.

So, last week when she called and told me she was pregnant I could not get over it! Watch out. I may dream you are pregnant. If I do I will be sure to let you know. The above picture is all of my "in laws". Ashley we are the only ones left to reproduce anytime soon. All I know is the grands better hold on when all these cousins start appearing.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have been trying to find a way to start his blog for a few days. Lately I have had such surges of emotion that I can't seem to grasp. I hate the way this makes me feel and I HATE hiding it. I don't like keeping things from anyone and I can't keep anything from Adam. Here are my main struggles.

I hate feeling away from Jesus. He seems so out of reach right now. I hate letting Him fall by the way side while I continue own my way.

I hate not being content. Lets cut to the chase. I want babies and I have wanted babies for awhile now. Basically since Pastor Joel said, you may now kiss your bride. Its just not our time and while I am trying to wait and live my life to the fullest and in His will, others are having my babies. It is really petty to not be fully happy for somoeone just because they are doing what you want to be doing.

I hate not loving my husband to the fullest. With this surge of emotion I have not been extra nice to Adam. He is so patient and kind, loving, and joyous, no matter what I may be behaving like.

I long to love and live to fullest. I long to serve Jesus with an open heart, mind and with all my strenth. I want to pursue him like I seem to pursue the world. Sometimes I wonder will I ever please Him? Do I make Him smile daily with my actions? One of my dearest friends ever, Amber (you can view her blog thru mine) lives in Texas. We have not seen each other since a sad night in August 4 years ago, when Adam and I left NC for SC and they left for TX. Adam and Jeremy were best friends in the Army and Amber, Jeremy's wife, welcomed me in with open arms. If you were at our wedding, the sang the duet. She amazes me, she always has. This is from her blog. It blew me away.

Proverbs 21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

He said picture every word that you say being a seed and it's either a seed of death or a seed of life. It really made me think about what I say and if I am bringing life or death with my words. Andrew was saying that how can your words bring healing to someone if you say things you don't mean all of the time or that you don't believe all of the time.
Oh what seeds have I been planting and sowing. I don't know when to shut up and I have probably stuck my foot in my mouth today. Filling someone with doubt and worry instead of lifting them up.

Lord, I have so much to let you perfect. Please beging a work in me. Stop me from trying to fix myself. Take over my insecurities and shortcomings. I love you Lord.

PS If anyone knows of any small group Bible Studies I could plug into in the Greenville area, let me know.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Why I love my sister

I love Sally Ann because...

1- We may look completely different but our personalities are quite a like. We are both shy when we meet new people, we love Lynard Skynard, and snort when we laugh.

2- She is tall. Something I wish I was.

3- Her gentle and loving spirit teach me knew things each and everyday.

4- She is a talented dancer and teacher.

5- She makes me smile.

I am so proud of my sister and I know many blogs are coming with her upcoming graduation. This is her spring break and I am going to get to spend some quality time with her. I can't wait.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Growing up I asked for a brown cow for my birthday. Not knowing my Daddy was interested in buying a couple of cows. I didn't get the cow for my birthday but not long after we bought a cow. Her name was Bessie May. Perfect name for a cow. Later, conviently, she had a calf named Freckles. I loved these animals. I have an obsessions with cows. Big, small, stinky, it doesn't matter.

This cow in the picture is named Ellie and you can get in the pin with her and run with her and play with her. Although she will knock you over if she gets too excited and you don't pay attention.

I wish I could convey my love for these animals. Everytime I pass a cute cow I make sure Adam knows where the cow is just in case he would like to buy it. Especially BROWN calfs. One day I know I will have cows. Definitely brown ones. Check out my photos for some Easter Weekend fun and a few pics of brown cows.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blessed Assurance

There are days I want to run and hide. To climb in my bed and sleep away frustration, hurt, and inadequacies. Then I hear this playing in my office and I can't help but smile and know of my assurance.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
O what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
born of his Spirit, washed in his blood.
This is my story, this is my song,
praising my Savior all the day long;
this is my story, this is my song,
praising my Savior all the day long.

2. Perfect submission, perfect delight,
visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
angels descending bring from above
echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

3. Perfect submission, all is at rest;
I in my Savior am happy and blest,
watching and waiting, looking above,
filled with his goodness, lost in his love.


May I remain lost in your love. May I praise you with every breath. I long to bring you glory. Mold me into the wife, sister, child, and friend you would have me to be. May I always be a direct reflection of your glory! I love you.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Stella Maris

Adam and I have always found a fish tank to be relaxing and some what entertaining. A few weeks ago we decided to get an aquarium and buy some fish. That brings you to date.

Stella Maris was our girl and she loved to sink to the bottom of the tank and watch march madness with her dad. Adam would talk to both she and Basco and enjoyed watching them and learning each personality.

Well Friday, Stella began to act unusual and she eventually starting floating on her side. Which after much research we learned that she was probably bloated and since she can't (excuse my French) burp or fart she is pretty uncomfortable. I am sure you can feel her pain. Little did we know she was really suffering from ammonia poisoning and this is just something that can happen to a goldfish. So in here is her obituary. We had a lovely burial at sea for her yesterday.

Stella Maris Burgess
birthdate: unknown-
Death: 3-30-2008

Stella Maris Burgess went to be with Jesus on a cold Sunday afternoon, while her Mother took a nap. She was a lovely goldfish and spent most of her time watching the TV. A calico, fantail, goldfish, Maris is survived by her Parents, Adam and Emily, and a brother, Basco. Who is coping well. He is enjoying having the whole tank to himself.

Seriously, Adam and I were both pretty sad over losing her. Although we have had a lot of fun joking about it!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

woo hoo for Fridays

Those of you who know me well, no that I love to be with family and friends being able to do what ever I want. Meaning I wish I didn't have to work. I love my job but I love the freedom of weekends to be with people alot too. I am ready for this weekend. Its jam packed with things to do but they are all I am chosing to do. Here's what the weekend brings...

1) Shopping with the mOms and going to the grocery store.

2) Some time with the in-laws.

3) Anthony's 2nd Bday party...literally the second one for turning two. Yep we love him. Alot. Then a wedding to attend.

4) Dinner with our pastor, his wife, and friends.

5) A wonderful day of worship, ending with teaching the husband how to waltz.

Yes, Adam will be Sally Ann's escort for her "coming out" in the debutante society. We can all thank our Grandmother for allowing us to take part in this. All 4 granddaughters have been through this Southern tradition. So, Adam is going to be there for Sally Ann and they are both excited. My daddy, believe it or not, loves getting dressed up in tails and waltzing with his girls. Trust me there will be a ton of pictures and a great story after that happens. Looks like Spring will be busy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


These past few weeks have seemed to be a whirlwind. Adam and I have been making decisions on grad school, cars, life etc. So I thought I would catch you up on the work God is doing.

First and best of all: Easter!
Easter weekend was great. We spent time with family and friends and basked in the love of Christ. Both of us had nursery/childrens church that morning during worhsip but thats our element so it worked perfect. That afternoon was spent with family in Gaffney. My Aunt has many random animals (pictures to follow) Her turkey Ethel, became infatuated with my husband and adores him. Donna has turkeys, chickens, pigs, and a calf. I will let the pictures tell the story.

Our newest adventure: Adam will be starting Grad school before he finishes his Undergrad at NGU. Its an amazing opportunity at North Greenville for him to recieve his MBA. This is just another amazing blessing that Christ has given us.

Lastly: I don't even have the words to form a title. So, I will begin with describing my hubby.

Adam is a very smart money machine. When we first were married money wasn't important and we spent it like it was going out of style. Then we met Dave Ramsey. Enough said you will catch on to rest.
I have an older Camry and we are preaparing for a family and decided we need a newer car. About 6-8 months ago we started saving to buy a car in cash. I have never bought a car new or used so I was completely unprepared. But not Adam. We began searching, set our price, and test drove ones we liked. Well, Monday Adam saw a Volkswagon Passat (what I want) in town. He called me and I came by after work to drive. Well I fell in love and we ended up being able to keep the car overnight and see what we thought. That brings you to today at 4:45pm.

I arrived at the dealership, palms sweating. I don't like confrotation at all. Meanwhile my husband researched all day on negotiation tactics. He runs our house like the 82nd Airborne sometime. Anyway. If you know me well you know that I become nervous easily and I tend to say things to break the silence. This is something you do not do while haggaling with a dealer. We went back and forth to the point that Adam and Mr. Small ( 6 ft man) were face to face staring at each other and I blurt out....I can't stand this at all! I hate this! Both of them burst out laughting and I sink in my chair wishing I could escape.

At the end of the 1 hour shuffle we ended up driving our new car home. Its an 03 Passat and fully loaded. I couldn't be happier and I am so glad that Adam researched took care of me because I wouldn't know daily what to do with out him.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am in love...

I have loved viewing complete strangers blogs. I hope I have not become a stalker but its like reading a novel. You never know what may happen next for some of these wonderful people.

Lately, I have been reading from please go and read about this precious family. I wish I could post Gwyneth's picture but you will just have to go and read what a journey the Lord is taking this family on. I am not going to say more because I don't want to give away the JOY you will feel when you read their story! Even Adam has enjoyed hearing of their daily victories!

Thank you Lord for your healing power. Please heal Tricia and Gwyneth. Continue to strenthen their bodies and perfrom victories that only you can do!

In Jesus precious name!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Who Knew?!

Adam and I have been married for almost 4 years now and I learn new things everyday about cooking, cleaning, and making life altering decisions. In the above picture Adam was re-inacting his proposal for the youth and today I was thinking about life and learning things after reading Jessi's blog. So here goes my latest discovery.

Today I was off work for Spring Break. I had major plans for cleaning and organizing. Man, did I get things done! I had time to go to the grocery store too. I made my menu for the next 2 to 3 weeks and with that made a list. Which I must tell you keeps you from spending too much and helps us eat healthy. So, I am standing in line and the lady in front of me has a random buggy full of food. The most random you ask? ONE BANANA!! I had no idea you could pull one off and go! I felt like such a dork staring at her one banana. I started thinking about how little I know about some things. Like fruit. Then I thought about how I rush through life. I can't wait for a new home, a baby, and a mommy and me group. I want to be content right where I am so that I don't miss any moments that Jesus has instore for me much less any information that I need about fruit and how to purchase it.

Next time you want a banana just go grab one from your local grocery because apparently you can do that.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Last night our youth went to an associational youth event. The Lord moved and began healing so many young people last night and I believe a lot of it started with this video. I couldn't get it to post on here but if you go to and search all of me. It is the first video to pop up and it is powerful. It was a beautiful visual of how Jesus protects us. I hope you can watch you want regret it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Beginnings

In November I received a promotion at North Greenville. Now, I plan events and campus visits for our office. :)

Saturday was my first event. I had planned for weeks. I always have a check list and I felt like Santa checking it over and over. Finally the day came and I was as nervous as ever with 74 prospective students and their families visiting our campus enjoying a schedule I had set up. Well, at the end of the first part of the program I was still scared to death. When I get nervous/scared I get the worst breath...this I am sure you want to know about here I am scared to death, bad breath and all. The last protion was praise and worship and the last song was My chains are gone. On the first cord of Amazing grace the sun began streaming through the stain glass windows and knew Christ was smiling. I realized it didn't matter as long as He was glorified. The rest of the day was smooth as silk and I came home happy and blessed. :) I am so thankful that my God showed up and showed out.

On another note, Adam and I have been discussing life changing decisions. This morning I was drying my hair thinking how different our life could be in a year (ie- new home, possible children) I made a commentment to myself right then in my pink panties that for the next year I will make certain that my marriage will be thrilling and fun. I don't want to look back when I can't roam in my unmentionables that I didn't take advantage of that time alone with my husband. (wink wink)

I am excited about what the Lord has in store for us. My sister is growing in His grace and love daily and I am excited about what He has planned for my parents. I long for my life to show His love daily and I feel that I fall short at home, at work, and church all the time. I long for Adam to always feel my love and support. I want him to leave home longing to come back to his humble, gentle, hot wife. I long to give Christ all that I can uselfishly, daily.

This is why, since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, 16 I never stop giving thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers. 17 [I pray] that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, [h] would give you a spirit (W) of wisdom and revelation (X) in the knowledge of Him. 18 [I pray] that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so you may know what is the hope (Y) of His calling, (Z) what are the glorious riches of His inheritance among the saints, 19 and what is the immeasurable greatness of His power (AA) to us who believe, according to the working of His vast strength. Ephesians 1:15-19

Monday, February 18, 2008

fav things

Following all the fun everyone else claimed this weekend, I thought I would do the same.
1) Valentine's-not big on this day but it was fabulous with my Adam anyway.

2) Winterjam- we had a great time at Winterjam seeing Skillet (which I loved), Barlow Girl, Mercy Me, and others. Altough it was completely hectic getting in the door it was a blast once we were inside.

3) Sleeping in Saturday morning. Enough said.

4) PS- I love you. Adam took me to see this movie at the dollar movie. It was actually very good and made me think about my marriage and seizing each day with my husband. Adam even liked it. Bring a tissue. I cried from beginning to end...not sure why but I did.

5) Valentine's banquet at church- our pastor and his family impersonated Glady's Knight and the Pipps (not sure about spelling), the Blues brothers, Elvis, Ray Charles, Patsy CLine, and others. They were great and Adam and I had great time with his Mom and Step dad.

6) A nap on Sunday was a great way to end a great weekend.I am so thankful for the rest and reflection that this weekend seemed to bring. It seemed that we all near and far needed it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


1. Filling the car with gas. $42
2. Hotel in Charleston-$150.00 a night
3. Joining hotel rooms with 9 Hoppers-PRICELESS!

This weekend was Caroline and Ben's wedding. We had a wonderful weekend with the family. The most interesting part was the hotel rooms. Lets put it this way-everytime things got quiet Sandra would come in the room to create a racus-Adam would then look at me and say as if he didn't know-we have ajoining rooms. It was great! If only I could share all the quotes from the weekend. Our favorite is "shhh Terry doesn't know"

The wedding day was beautiful and sad all wrapped into one. Caroline and I are so close and I just couldn't wrap my mind around her getting married. They are in love and I am happy for them. I love the picture of Claudia and Jackie praying over Caroline and the marriage. It brought me such joy to be apart of this day.

I wish I could share all the details but I hope a few pics will help you see the fun we had.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Every year at the same time we take our students to a conference in Tenn. called Meltdown. Jesus wanted us to heat up not meltdown. We had such a great time of fellowship. Adam, Jennifer, and I were the "adults" for this outting and were pumped to be with the vibrant students. To put into prospective what a 3 hour bus ride with these 13 can be just imagine middle school boys with high school girls...:) All of you who work with youngins' are smiling. There was a lot of bodily functions plus ew gross comments filled with Adam saying everynight BOYS TAKE A BATH!!!! I loved every minute of it and cherish the time God has given me with them.

I learned so much through their worship and conversations and the sweetest came from Jasmine. Jazzy Faye as affectionatly call her. Jasmine is a product of divorce and currently lives with her father because her Mom works 3rd. Her father is not the best role model and is not a Christian. Jazzy will 17 in May and has spoken on numerous occasions of how she will leave on that day. I have prayed for her and encouraged her to ask Jesus what to do, when to leave, and to make sure her Mom is understanding and supportive. Her Mom and step-dad are both Christians and attend our church. Well to the point, Saturday our afternoon session was focused on bitterness and allowing Christ to deliver you from that hardness that forms in your life. During the alter call I was in depth praising to My chains are gone ( I know perfect right?) when I heard her behind me crying with Jennifer our other "adult". She prayed with Rachel (our rock of the students) and as soon as we started to leave asked for Adam's cell phone and immediately called her Dad. WOW did that take guts! A man who screams and cusses at her continuously. She spent about 30 minutes on the phone with him and let him know she was freeing him of her anger and her bitterness and that she was changing. I was so proud of her! What a special child of God that she knew to free him of this and push him to work on their relationship. It was one of the sweetest moments yet. I hope to one day be as brave as she was and is daily.

The Lord opened so many doors for our students. He delivered and developed friendships among those that are years apart in age.

Thank you Jesus for your sweet gifts. Please continue to bless those sweet souls and guide them on your path.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I got bitten

2008 has started with a bang. I have been promoted at my job to the Admissions Campus Visit and Event Coordinator and have jumped right in! Its a really good fit for me and so far I have enjoyed the job. Two weeks ago, I woke with the stomach bug...:) that was great fun and then this past Monday night I was bitten again with the bug. This time it really knocked me for a loop. The is the price I pay being with so many children at church and for admitting that I hadn't had the stomach bug yet this year. Anyway Adam is a great Doc and he took very good care of me while he took extra vitamins trying to stay well.

This weekend my Sister and Mom are in NYC for a mission trip. Tonight they are out doing track ministry in the subway. Please pray for them as they are gone. They fly home on Tuesday.

This is my sister's second NYC trip and this one is special because my Mom is with her and Sally Ann's roommate for college next year is also in her small group at church and on the trip. They called this afternoon on a break that they spent shopping. Sally and Sarah (roommate) bought a rug for their dorm room. What a great start to a year together!

Some of you might know that my cousin Caroline is getting married in two weeks!! We are all very excited about her new journey and are praying that the Lord will bless her and Ben as they start a great life. It will be a great weekend in Charleston with a wonderful reunion among friends and family. Please be in prayer for all of us over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

This year is already appearing to hold more lovre, joy, and blessings than ever before. Adam and I had a wonderful Christmas, worshipping our Lord and spending as much time as possible with family.

New Years Eve was spent in Atlanta at the Clemson bowl game with our new pastor and his wife. Their son Caleb is a red shirt freshman for Clemson. Together we had a blast. It is always wonderful to go to a football game, even a Clemson game.

Yesterday, Adam and I set a major goal and talked about what we were excited to accomplish in 2008. I was eager and ready to go but then I woke up this morning with the stomach virus. So, I will have to conquer 08 tomorrow.

I am excited about what the Lord will do this year. Adam is graduating from North Greenville University in December and we are eager to buy a house. Each year of marriage has been much better than the last. I am going to hold tight to Christ and my husband and enjoy this new year and the new goals and dreams that I have for myself and my family. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!