Saturday, August 2, 2008

jumping july

The whole month of July has been full of firsts. It started out with my continued unknown disease (that is still unknown). This kept me rom eating yummy BBQ on the 4th of July and from skiing, tubing, or anything else because basically my stomach hated me. I ended up having an endoscopy on July 11. Sally Ann came home from the procedure with Adam and I because I do not do well after being put to sleep and Adam had grad school that Friday night. The next morning Sally, Caleb (her Boyfriend-that I need to blog about in another post) and I were going to Gaffney for the weekend and Adam was heading to Nashville for a conference. Ok a little background about my house. Its old, we are renting, and if you lock the door when leaving and their is someone in there without keys, they are locked in. :) Well Adam locked Sally Ann and I in. Thankfully when Caleb arrived he could get in my house, unlock the door, and free us. That was a first. Who can actually say they had been locked in their house? I would love to hear about it.

Ok the reason for the rollercoaster picture. Yesterday we took some of our youth to Carowinds. Korrina is a foreign exchange student from Germany and she has been her about a week. She came with us, so excited to ride some rides.

So here we are standing in line for our first ride. Korrina began to complain about being hungry and dizzy so Adam and I decided to have one of the students who was not riding the ride come get her and get her some food. Well within minutes she said black- and buckled in my arms. So, here we are with a child who speaks little English, on the ground, and she was unresponsive. Next thing I know I am in the front seat of an ambulance praying that this child will be fine and riding to Pineville Medical in Charlotte. Come to find out she was too embarrassed to let her host family know she was hungry and had not eaten since 4pm on Thursday. She kept crying when the paramedics would ask her questions because I was not with her anymore and she didn't understand. Thankfully once we were at the hospital I didn't have to leave her side which was only because God allowed it. After fluids, some gatorade, and a turkey sandwhich she was fine.

Her host family came to Charlotte to take her home and Adam and I went back to Carowinds to get the rest of the youth and our extra chaperone who almost didn't come. Thank you Lord for looking out for us. Personally I am glad its August. I am back at a somewhat healthy weight, I can eat, and Korrina and I are going to eat a big meal soon together and maybe go back to Carowinds.