Sunday, December 7, 2008

Past 6 months

I have heard so many people say don't write about the chaos when you are going through it. WAIT. Let it settle its self out and then decide what to share. I will start with May.

May- Adam and I had been planning to start a family when he was almost done with school. We had decided on September to start trying and then moved it on up to June. (hope this isn't too much info) Well at the end of May I began to feel quesy alot and just sick all the time. Not prego sick. Something is wrong sick. I was not able to work some days for the pain and constant potty times. Fast foward to June.

June: I would have ok days, so we decided to def. go to the beach with my family and enjoy our vacation. I was sick for the entire time. I had been to the doctor and they thought severe constipation/maybe my gall baldder. I barely survived the beach.

July: I was now seeing a specialist, loosing weight, and sick all the time. July 11th I had an endoscopy, to check on my gall bladder. I got the all clear you are fine we will check you in a few weeks card.

August 21st- Had another procedure...use your imagination. I had lost 15 or so pounds and was anemic. I was diagnosed with Chron's disease and told to put off the baby making machine. Adam and I prayed and thought alot about going back on birth control and opted not too. I was devasted. I didn't know if I would ever have a child. My body had been through torment. I begain taking LOTS of meds and trying to heal my body.

September: A complete blur. I began to feel great with in two weeks of beginning meds. I wanted to go everywhere.

October 3rdish- First time I thought I might be pregnant. But we all no we tend to think that a lot and didn't want to waste money on a pregnancy test. Mean while, my Daddy is continuing to get worse. He can't walk long distances and no one can seen to find out whats wrong with him either.

October 14th: Found out we were in fact pregnant. Adam came home from a LONG day of school and I just blurt it out. We take 5 more pregnancy tests. I am reserching how often they can be wrong because I am about to burst with excitement. Pregnancy is confirmed with Dr. visit and the gastro Doc says I am a picture of health for what I have just been through.

November: Daddy goes to see our family doctor. They do some tests and can't find a heartbeat in either feet. He is sent to a specialist and things sped up from there. November 11- He has major surgery to create a new artery in/around his stomach. He had no blood flow to his legs before. Therefore he couldn't walk but a few feet without major pain. Of course the day of surgery was a major affair for the family. It was 5 hours long. During surgery- the doctor found another blockage in his kidney. By the end of the day, we were all drained and so happy to at least see Daddy.

Side note- funny story. Daddy had an epidural. So, when I entered the heart ICU to see him. He exclaims- "emily I had a baby too!" Well Daddy I had not had may baby yet and you well whatever you think happened, happened.

Now, a month later. Daddy can walk 8 miles a day with no pain. He is no longer smoking and has no desire too. The doctor told him and mom the next step with the blocked artery was death. Had his doctor not found this, only the Lord knows how long we would have had him with us.

I tell you all this so you can see how thankful and blessed our entire family is this Christmas season. Being together has never been better. I have never felt better and more excited-eventhough I really feel awful some days- I can't wait to teach this baby of Christ's love, our family love, and how to make each day count.

God is bigger than the results of a test, bigger than Chron's disease, and HE has blessed me greatly!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A blessed little girl

I have a HUGE blog to write about the past 6 months and what the Lord has done for myself, my family, and others. But right this moment I am busy. :) Busy with morning sickness, work, and getting ready for Adam's graduation but I promise very shortly will I let you know about the work that God has been doing in our lives.

But for now- enjoy the first glimpes of our Precious little Blessing.

I am waving hi in the picture.My Mom and Dad were so happy to see me. All Daddy could say was "oh wow"- "no way"