Friday, September 26, 2008

What I have been up to-

Pepper Jill got her bath today. She wasn't exactly happy about it but we suffered through. She is sitting, almost laying down, and will run and hide from you if she even thinks she is in trouble. Oh yeah- she loves candy corn too.

I love fall and I love decorating! I was given this arrangement by Aunt Gail and the pilgrams were also a gift from my mom.

Mom and I did this arrangement last year. I love it because it works until Christmas and adds some height to my kitchen table. I couldn't resist the turkeys. I am the one on the left.

I saw this idea on a website that I love. It showcases candy corn as a centerpiece or arrangement-love this idea. I am not crazy about this particular candle but I love the idea.

I bought my first purchase of Really easy with handmade precious things. I bought these booties for my future child. Don't judge me. I had to have them. They were precious. If I don't have a girl I promise I will NOT put my son in them.

We are heading to Clemson tomorrow for the game. Sally Ann is already there and Caleb is dressing out again so I am pumped for some a fun day. Hopefully the Tigers will win and the rain will hold off.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Crock pot

I found this amazing blog today and just had to share. Some of these recipes are a little out there but I love saving time and having a delicous dinner. So check out to see what this lady has done.

She has made over 200 dinners using her crock pot for a year straight! Let me know what you decide to make and how it turns out. I think you will find her recipes easy and very informative.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I love this time of year. From leaves to pumpkins to candy corn. This is my time. Adam and I were talking tonight about life and the drains of ministry. I feel so blessed that the Lord fuels me each week to continue on this road. Changes are inevitable but even when I am sick and tired of loving on little ones He is there to make sure I don't screw up. I want to use this fall to grow and learn. Let all the bad fall off soak up a new happy time.

So, this fall when the leaves are changing and falling off I am praying that the old, sick parts of me will fall off and the Lord can be preparing the new happy excited me ready for the new changes and new blossoms.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have been meaning to catch my blogging world up on my sister and her first boyfriend. Caleb and Sally Ann have been officially dating for 2 months. sigh. He asked her out at my grandparents house really late one night. Which is where Adam kissed me the first time. sigh again.

Caleb is my pastor's son and is a Sophomore at Clemson where he plays on the football team. sigh. We can't get away from cute Clemson boys. I never dated a Carolina guy. Ever. Her first a Clemson football player. The Lord has such a since of humor.

Last Saturday, Mom, Sally and I went to the Clemson/Citadel game and with 2 minutes left Caleb played in his first collegiate football game. You would have thought he had thrown the winning pass in the superbowl the way we were carrying on. It was so amazing to watch. I know how hard he worked all year and this summer to get where he is now. It reminded of how hard our walk with Christ can be but how rewarding everything will be in the end.

So I look at Sally and Caleb as having a new start, a new found joy in each other. Caleb is a reminder of hard work and the pay off and I am blessed to have been there to be a part.

Pepper Jill Burgess

Our newest addition, Pepper, a miniature dachshund. Adam and I got her 5 weeks ago and she has kept us hopping since. We absolutely love her. She will be 11 weeks old on Thursday and can sit and almost has figured out lay down. Adam is determined to have her do all sorts of tricks.