Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunny Days

This week has been so great because the weather has been so Spring like! Anna Grace and I got out today and went shopping. I needed to get a shower gift and well she just loves to shop.

We stopped off at Children's Boutique in Boiling Springs called Tickled Pink. Loved their stuff but showed great restraint and just browsed. We also were going to stop off at wholesale shop but they were closed for inventory. Apparently this shop has great deals. I will keep you posted!

Of course, we had to go to Target. I took advantage of this and had lunch in the Cafe'. Anna Grace was getting tired so she had her bottle and watched me shop. While we were shopping she was still a little fussy so I gave her a sippy cup to play with and poor thing cut her finger while she was holding it! I felt so bad for her because those little cuts hurt.

The best part came last when stopped off to see Daddy at Upward Sports! All the ladies were so excited to see Anna Grace and of course she was delightful as always.

Hope your Hump Day was as great as ours.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Frenzy, food, and firsts

Whew! This weekend went by so fast. Anna Grace and I left Friday morning with Pepper and drove to Gaffney to drop Pepper off and pick up my Mom. (possibly now known as Pabby.) Pabby, Anna Grace, and myself set off to Lake Lure to celebrate Susie the Great (my grandmother) and Lolly's (my aunt) birthdays! We had such a fun time being with family. Uncle Caleb and Aunt Sammie arrived shortly after us and we all had a blast playing games and eating!

This picture is dark but you can see Anna Grace enjoying her first of many frenzies! Our family loves to dance and we do it often. She bounced and smiled and loved it all!

Anna Grace also spent sometime with her cousin Ford. She giggled and reached for him over and over. Daddy arrived Saturday night and Anna Grace was very excited to see him.

On other news, poor Anna Grace is teething so badly. She needs relief and hoping this tooth gets in soon. It will be the first one!

Also Anna Grace has decided she likes Puffs. She especially likes chasing them on her high chair!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Didn't think it would happen

Guess where Adam found Anna Grace last night before he went to bed? On her TUMMY!! What?!? I know I was dumb-founded too. I couldn't believe it. She has never liked her tummy and I figured she would just be a back sleeper. Which was fine with me. Well there she was right on her tummy.

He flipped her over and she stayed asleep but this morning where was she again? On her tummy! Guess my little girl is really growing up. :(

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Play Date

Growing up I had dear friend named Ashley. We don't remember playing together very young but when we grew up were great friends in high school. Last year we realized we were pregnant at the same time and due a day apart. Well Anna Grace was born on June 10 and Sara Kay was born the next week on June 19. They are sooooo cute together and we enjoyed a play date at our house this morning.

Ashley and I both had Fisher Price car growing up. Ash affectionatley named hers Car-Car. We have video of footage of a knock down drag out between the two of us at her birthday party over the Car-Car. :) Good times. Well today Anna Grace and Sara Kay got into their own argument over their cell phones. Hmmmm....Guess I will be working on sharing!

Anna Grace and I are up for a busy weekend celebrating Susie the Great's birthday along with Aunt Lolly's birthday.Daddy will be joining us at Lake Lure after class. Daddy is even taking us out for Mexican tonight and the new Grey's Anatomyis coming on...whew what a fun day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where we are

Unfortunately I do not know how to start this blog. So, I will just go with it and see what happens.

Christmas was wonderful. Anna Grace loved everything about it. Just like her parents. She received so many incredible gifts and Adam and I realized more and more how loved she is by our families and friends.

On December 29th, we had a follow up MRI of her spine to get a baseline scan to see where we stand. The scan was mostly easy for Anna Grace and myself. Adam went to work for this scan since it was done in Greenville and my mom and mom-in-law went with me. A few days after the scan was when the whirlwind hit.

My pediatrician, Dr. P. called and let me in on the news. There were some uncertainties on the scan and he was referring us to a neuro-surgeon. Dr. T was able to see us last week and give us the breakdown for Anna Grace.

Basically, she has a Lipoma at the base of her spine that is grown up her back. Because of the location the Lipoma is tangled in her spinal cord. Which will make surgery hard but the removal has to happen. Our prayer is that when Dr. T does surgery in a few months that the nerves will not be involved and he can remove the lipoma and Anna Grace can make a full recovery.

Please be in prayer for a complete healing.
Peace for Adam and I as we make decisions regarding the surgery.
For the team of Doctors who will be working on this case.

I will be continuing to update on Anna Grace and use this blog as a means of communication in the future.

Thank you for your prayers. We serve a mighty God and a healing God and we want Glory to be brought to Him in every situation.