Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Radio City Music Hall bound!

I won't begin to act like I don't want Anna Grace to take dance lessons one day. In fact, the day we found out we were having a girl Adam proudly proclaimed that she would know how to shuffle step before her first class. I even more proud exclaimed, yes she will because her Mama can teach her how! In fact, I know where I want her to take dance lessons, Southern Dance Academy, where I took as a little girl.

Well lately I have began to wonder if we might have a rockette on our hands. So, tonight while laying in the recliner with Pepper catching up on some DVR, I tried a little experiment. I can always tell where she is laying in my belly so I put the remote right on top of my belly and watched. She didn't kick it off completely yet but I was quite impressed that one of her lighter kicks shook it pretty good.

I am 23 weeks today so I can't imagine what these kicks will feel like in a month much less by June. Adam can feel her roll around now and feel all of her kicks.

I have another check up on Friday at the OB and then Monday we meet with our specialist. Of course, we are excited that we get to see her on Monday and double check that she is Anna Grace and not Caleb! Although Caleb Simmons, my sister's boyfriend, is not ashamed to say if this baby was a boy, he would be tickled pink, ha!
I on the other hand don't know how I would deal. I have fallen in love with this precious little girl. Don't get my wrong I would love the baby if it was a chimp as Adam's dad would say.

Anyway, enough rambling. I am off to eat a warm delight, curl up with my 14 pillows I sleep with, and watch a little more TV, until I have to get up to use the bathroom of course!

Monday, February 2, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

In honor of feeling encouraged by other blogs I thought I would share my "not me!" Monday moments.

I did not wake up at 6am to a scratching in the wall. This did not confirm our fears that we might have a critter in the wall. In fact, I did not see him/her scurry underneath the bushes when I arrived home the other night. Praise God I was still in the car when he scurried by!

I did not get up to pee 5 times before 6am. Thus, leaving the 6am potty break very interesting. As I did not wake up Adam to make sure that nothing furry would scurry beneath Pregnant girls feet.

I did not begin nesting today at work. Yes, I did not begin organizing other peoples areas while they were standing there.

I did not get excited about eating in the dining hall. I did not have a hamburger and fries for lunch. Nor did I enjoy a Dr. Pepper.

I did not talk to Anna Grace all morning about how to plan events for NGU. I did not speak out loud to her.

I hope you enjoyed my joyous moments of the day! I would love to hear about your Not Me! Mondays!!