Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Do

With just 10 days (or less) before our sweet Anna Grace comes I have lots that I feel I need to do. So here is my week of to do's and goals.

Monday: Dr. appoitment (they love me there thats why they keep making me come back!)
- clean out car
- load of laundry
- wash dishes
- work on the last of the thank you notes

- Adam will be home cutting grass
- I plan on finishing what I don't get done from Monday

- Laundry
- Make sure house is ready

- another Dr. appointment
- double check bags

- Adam home all day
- try to enjoy the beginning of our last weekend without our sweet little lamb
- Cruise In at church

- AHHH last Saturday...what should we do? Go to a movie?


-I am sure I will be a basket case by then.
-DOUBLE check bags again
- Last Dr. appointment
-Go to dinner for Sally Ann's 19th! Birthday! I can't believe she will be 19. I am not going to lie I would love to have Anna Grace on her birthday.

-Sleep in
- Take Pepper to the Vet for the week.
- Have a great last meal with my sweet baby's daddy
- Report to hospital at 5pm. :)

Wednesday (June 10th)
-GREATEST Day ever.

Now I realize that this could change at any moment and I would love for it too. I am so ready to meet Anna Grace and I know she is ready to meet us. We will keep you updated on how our week progresses!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The weekend ahead

I can't wait for this weekend to arrive and be over! We have something going on everyday but its the last weekend where we feel like Anna Grace could absolutely not come. Or I mean she can, but it doesn't fit our schedules. HA HA! I know she can and will come when she wants but this is a running joke at our home.

Thursday: Final clean sweep day. Sally Ann will be in Greenville with me and we will be cleaning, cleaning. I still don't last long when it comes to energy so she will be helping to do everything in one day that needs to be done. On our list: clean the bathroom, vacuum, clean out car, and clean kitchen. Sounds easy right? It would have taken me days and together we will have it knocked out in hours. (and no I am not vacuuming)

Friday: 1st Annual Reedy River Golf Tournament. Adam and our youth are hosting a golf tournament to raise money for Mission Fuge in July. Poor Adam has worked so hard and we have prayed hard that Anna Grace will at least hold off until Saturday morning. :) This will be a fun day. Mom is taking me up to the tournament for a little while but I have been given strict joy riding on the golf carts.

Also, Friday night we are having a BBQ after the tournament. This might put me in labor. Pepa's BBQ is A-mazing. I can't wait to eat some. We love Mema and Pepa and are happy to have them in Greenville for a few days. These are Caleb's grandparents and Adam, Sally, and I love them like our own.

Saturday: The morning should be uneventful and then its off to Pump it up for the youth Graduation party. Yes, a blow up party. Of course, I can't participate in this either. :( Sad day. You see I am told jumping up and down would probably do some damage to me or her. I just want to go into labor that won't be stopped once I get to the hospital.

Sunday: Ahhh....the end or beginning however you look at it. Its graduate recognition and a big lunch followed by a big nap! Plus the last night of Awana at church. I have missed helping at Awana but I am very interested to hear what they have learned since I have been "out"

There you have it. Our long weekend. At least with all thats going on, I won't get bored and the weekend should fly by. Next on the calendar after Sunday- no big plans just finally meeting our daughter!

P.s. She says hi.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunset Watch

For Memorial Day, Adam and I were able to travel to Lake Lure to be with my family over the holiday. The picture above was from this fall, I was pregnant with Anna Grace and didn't know yet. It always makes me smile to think she was with us that day and how are lives were about to change. We were so excited to find out she was on her way.

Sunday afternoon Adam went to church and I stayed back to pack for myself and Adam as well as Pepper. I had forgotten what its like to get her ready for one overnight visit. I laughed to myself thinking of what it will be like in a few weeks when Anna Grace is here. It should make packing for Pepper seem like a breeze.

Once we arrived Sunday, the family sat around and talked about Anna Grace and Baby Brown (who will be here around the end of Nov or first of Dec.) My cousin Lance and his wife Blair are expecting their first child. I can't explain excitement I feel when I think about Christmas with Hoppers and two new infants. If you know my family you know what this will be like. Lots of love and laughter and chaos. Anyway, then we played the game signs. I was very fearful that I was going into labor. I laughed so hard and for so long that I thought I was going to laugh her out. At one point two different people were throwing around signs. Plus ONE of us never knew when she had a sign. No, it wasn't me. If one game wasn't enough, we played Apples to Apples after that. It was a fun night and Adam and I always enjoy laughing with our family.

Monday, Mom and I went into to downtown Chimney Rock and "shopped" nothing too serious. She did buy me one more outfit. I am so excited because its so cute and so comfortable. Its something too that will fit perfectly after I have Anna Grace.

Then Monday night, we had hotdogs and celebrated Pop Pops and Adam as Veterans. We had an incredible view of the lake with the sunset and the rain. The name of the house is Sunset Watch and it is incredible to sit on that porch and watch the sun fall behind the mountains. It was great, Adam and I didn't want to leave but we have a busy week ahead. Dr. visits, a golf tournament that Adam and put together for our youth, and of course the fact that AG could be here anytime. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

T-minus 15 days...or less

*15 days or less until we meet our little girl.

*15 more days of being pregnant with my first child.

*15 more days of eating what I really shouldn't eat...:)

If Anna Grace doesn't decide to come before June 9th, I will be officially induced on June 10th. Yes, thats right. I have prayed and hoped and I am going to be able to try for a "natural" birth. Please pray that the next few days go quickly and that she continues to do well. We believe in God's specfic plan eventhough we have no idea what it is. Pray for peace for us and for a peacefully delivery.

We can't wait to meet our sweet Anna Grace and we would love for it to happen anytime now!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There are many babies coming into the world around Adam and me. His sister and step sister both had babies in December and Ashley (step sister) and myself have been pregnant together. Well Caroline entered the world at 4:44 am today and she and Anna Grace I know will make there marks in the family. Congrats Ashley and Adam! You are going to be great parents and Adam and I are delighted to enjoy the ride with you. Hold on Caroline, your partner in crime will be here soon enough!

I love this picture. She looks so content and a girl after my own heart, she likes her bath!

Caroline weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and has strawberry blond hair.

Monday, May 11, 2009

House of girls

Since I have been on bedrest, Adam has done all of the grocery shopping. Today, he had to run out a get a few staple items to get me through the week. Typically he comes home with a suprise to keep me going and he actually has more restraint than I ever have when shopping for food.

Well, I knew he was nervous about having a house full of women to deal with. I mean he married me, got a female puppy, and God has given us a sweet little girl. He is preparing for sleepless nights and lots to deal with. Today, he decided he needed some manly things in this house that has been taken over by pink things. HA! I love fruit snacks- No preference in brand really just good old fashioned fruit snacks. I have to give him credit he did ask if I had a preference. I won't tell you what he bought you can see it in the picture. You can also see what I crave-minus the crunchy ice I love from Sonic.

This is me- 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant with Miss Priss. It was Mother's Day so we had to take a picture. I look exhausted but I am very happy to be with my favorite people.

My Mom, sister, and Caleb are in Lakeshore, MS for the week. They will be doing mission work. Please be praying for them as they work. I know they are having a blast. Also, pray AG holds out until they get home, so they don't have to rush home.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What AG is up to these days....

I love this shot of her right hand curled up. She is going to have a mean right hook just ask my insides. :)

Anna Grace you are rolling around more and more each day.

When Mama monitors at night you do what Daddy and I call attacking the fences. You HATE the monitors. It is so funny to watch you squirm and move to try and get away. But you are too packed in there now and can't get away.

Daddy can talk to you and calm you down. He reassures you that the monitor will be gone soon and you calm down. He will continue to talk to you about the day or how special you are and as soon as he stops and walks melt down again. Maybe you think this is a game. But its amazing as parents to see you react to our love already.

You and Mama spent a few days on the couch in Gaffney. Mima and Pop loved having us there with Daddy. It makes Mama spoiled to have so many people watch after her.

Our new craving is the small "crunchy" ice. Mama loves it and is pretty sure you do too.

Today at the doctor we received a possible C section date. This will be revealed to the general public when confirmed. Mama and Daddy don't think you want to wait that long to let us kiss your sweet face but who knows you may hold out. Either way it will be in less 35 days, thats all I am saying. :) I can't WAIT!

For now, we are still on the couch. But in a few weeks Mama should be able to get up and move around more.

You are already a joy and we love you oh so much. God has truly blessed us and we can't wait to be "graced" with your presence completely in our life.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Anna Grace's Room

I am so excited to have AG's nursery done! My parents, sister, Caleb, and Adam finished up today. We, well they, washed the rest of the clothes, hung artwork, and washed blinds and put up curtains. The boys did great with all of the pink. In fact, I would dare say they enjoyed setting up her room.

I love love love her curtains. They were a steal at Pottery Barn. The dance yourself silly sign brings a big smile to my face. I can see her in a few years spinning and jumping as she is learning to tap her toes. My mom found the doll house from a friend and we just HAD to have it.

Now, we all feel ready for her to be here. I can rest easy knowing her room is ready. Oh yeah, Pop hung her letters. This was a process. He had a tape measure and all. I had to watch to approve. I wish you could have seen all 6 of us, plus AG who happened to have hiccups. It was a great moment I won't forget.