Monday, November 9, 2009

5 Months

My Sweet Anna Grace,

This has been one wild ride for you and me! You are changing everyday. Mommy was really sick this weekend and you stayed with Grammie. I think you grew two inches and graduated in 48 hours. I was amazed at how you had changed. I don't think your Daddy and I will be able to leave you for more than 2 days ever again.

You have just about doubled your birth weight.

You still don't love to roll over or do tummy time.

Lately you go to sleep around 9pm and you are up at 3:30. I will repay you for this in high school. When you want to sleep until 11am I will happily wake you at 8am. Although last night you slept until 4:30 and didn't want to eat you just wanted your friend paci.

You talk all day long.

You LOVE your daddy. If he gets you in the morning you smile and if I walk in the room to get you first you scream because well....apparently I mean food and he means fun.

Everywhere we go people stop me and tell me how beautiful you are and you always smile at them like you know.

You have started making noise when you yawn. Like you are super bored and we should be dancing around entertaining. I have tried to get this on film but you enjoy making a liar out of us when we say you can/can't do something yet.

You put everything in your mouth and have great hand/eye cordination. Last night you put Grandma Nena's glass cup to your mouth and squealed.

You have tried rice cereal and oatmeal and like oatmeal the best. Eventhough I think you would rather a Sonic Cheeseburger and a DR Pepper.

I am afraid to blink. I feel like you are going to be staring at me as a teenager in any moment. Your Daddy and I are crazy about you. Right now you are swinging in your swinging staring at the mobile. You reach and grin at the little bears. You are a joy! Such a great delight for us. We love you sweet Anna Grace, may you continue to grow in favor with God.

Here is Anna Grace letting you know how she feels about rice cereal.