Monday, March 31, 2008

Stella Maris

Adam and I have always found a fish tank to be relaxing and some what entertaining. A few weeks ago we decided to get an aquarium and buy some fish. That brings you to date.

Stella Maris was our girl and she loved to sink to the bottom of the tank and watch march madness with her dad. Adam would talk to both she and Basco and enjoyed watching them and learning each personality.

Well Friday, Stella began to act unusual and she eventually starting floating on her side. Which after much research we learned that she was probably bloated and since she can't (excuse my French) burp or fart she is pretty uncomfortable. I am sure you can feel her pain. Little did we know she was really suffering from ammonia poisoning and this is just something that can happen to a goldfish. So in here is her obituary. We had a lovely burial at sea for her yesterday.

Stella Maris Burgess
birthdate: unknown-
Death: 3-30-2008

Stella Maris Burgess went to be with Jesus on a cold Sunday afternoon, while her Mother took a nap. She was a lovely goldfish and spent most of her time watching the TV. A calico, fantail, goldfish, Maris is survived by her Parents, Adam and Emily, and a brother, Basco. Who is coping well. He is enjoying having the whole tank to himself.

Seriously, Adam and I were both pretty sad over losing her. Although we have had a lot of fun joking about it!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

woo hoo for Fridays

Those of you who know me well, no that I love to be with family and friends being able to do what ever I want. Meaning I wish I didn't have to work. I love my job but I love the freedom of weekends to be with people alot too. I am ready for this weekend. Its jam packed with things to do but they are all I am chosing to do. Here's what the weekend brings...

1) Shopping with the mOms and going to the grocery store.

2) Some time with the in-laws.

3) Anthony's 2nd Bday party...literally the second one for turning two. Yep we love him. Alot. Then a wedding to attend.

4) Dinner with our pastor, his wife, and friends.

5) A wonderful day of worship, ending with teaching the husband how to waltz.

Yes, Adam will be Sally Ann's escort for her "coming out" in the debutante society. We can all thank our Grandmother for allowing us to take part in this. All 4 granddaughters have been through this Southern tradition. So, Adam is going to be there for Sally Ann and they are both excited. My daddy, believe it or not, loves getting dressed up in tails and waltzing with his girls. Trust me there will be a ton of pictures and a great story after that happens. Looks like Spring will be busy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


These past few weeks have seemed to be a whirlwind. Adam and I have been making decisions on grad school, cars, life etc. So I thought I would catch you up on the work God is doing.

First and best of all: Easter!
Easter weekend was great. We spent time with family and friends and basked in the love of Christ. Both of us had nursery/childrens church that morning during worhsip but thats our element so it worked perfect. That afternoon was spent with family in Gaffney. My Aunt has many random animals (pictures to follow) Her turkey Ethel, became infatuated with my husband and adores him. Donna has turkeys, chickens, pigs, and a calf. I will let the pictures tell the story.

Our newest adventure: Adam will be starting Grad school before he finishes his Undergrad at NGU. Its an amazing opportunity at North Greenville for him to recieve his MBA. This is just another amazing blessing that Christ has given us.

Lastly: I don't even have the words to form a title. So, I will begin with describing my hubby.

Adam is a very smart money machine. When we first were married money wasn't important and we spent it like it was going out of style. Then we met Dave Ramsey. Enough said you will catch on to rest.
I have an older Camry and we are preaparing for a family and decided we need a newer car. About 6-8 months ago we started saving to buy a car in cash. I have never bought a car new or used so I was completely unprepared. But not Adam. We began searching, set our price, and test drove ones we liked. Well, Monday Adam saw a Volkswagon Passat (what I want) in town. He called me and I came by after work to drive. Well I fell in love and we ended up being able to keep the car overnight and see what we thought. That brings you to today at 4:45pm.

I arrived at the dealership, palms sweating. I don't like confrotation at all. Meanwhile my husband researched all day on negotiation tactics. He runs our house like the 82nd Airborne sometime. Anyway. If you know me well you know that I become nervous easily and I tend to say things to break the silence. This is something you do not do while haggaling with a dealer. We went back and forth to the point that Adam and Mr. Small ( 6 ft man) were face to face staring at each other and I blurt out....I can't stand this at all! I hate this! Both of them burst out laughting and I sink in my chair wishing I could escape.

At the end of the 1 hour shuffle we ended up driving our new car home. Its an 03 Passat and fully loaded. I couldn't be happier and I am so glad that Adam researched took care of me because I wouldn't know daily what to do with out him.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am in love...

I have loved viewing complete strangers blogs. I hope I have not become a stalker but its like reading a novel. You never know what may happen next for some of these wonderful people.

Lately, I have been reading from please go and read about this precious family. I wish I could post Gwyneth's picture but you will just have to go and read what a journey the Lord is taking this family on. I am not going to say more because I don't want to give away the JOY you will feel when you read their story! Even Adam has enjoyed hearing of their daily victories!

Thank you Lord for your healing power. Please heal Tricia and Gwyneth. Continue to strenthen their bodies and perfrom victories that only you can do!

In Jesus precious name!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Who Knew?!

Adam and I have been married for almost 4 years now and I learn new things everyday about cooking, cleaning, and making life altering decisions. In the above picture Adam was re-inacting his proposal for the youth and today I was thinking about life and learning things after reading Jessi's blog. So here goes my latest discovery.

Today I was off work for Spring Break. I had major plans for cleaning and organizing. Man, did I get things done! I had time to go to the grocery store too. I made my menu for the next 2 to 3 weeks and with that made a list. Which I must tell you keeps you from spending too much and helps us eat healthy. So, I am standing in line and the lady in front of me has a random buggy full of food. The most random you ask? ONE BANANA!! I had no idea you could pull one off and go! I felt like such a dork staring at her one banana. I started thinking about how little I know about some things. Like fruit. Then I thought about how I rush through life. I can't wait for a new home, a baby, and a mommy and me group. I want to be content right where I am so that I don't miss any moments that Jesus has instore for me much less any information that I need about fruit and how to purchase it.

Next time you want a banana just go grab one from your local grocery because apparently you can do that.