Friday, January 30, 2009

Anna Grace

Adam and I would like to introduce you to our little girl. Anna Grace Burgess.We become strong family very quickly Wednesday. Most of you know about that day and what we went through. But our God began healing her instantly and I won't believe any other finding. Please continue to pray for AG. She has lymphangioma. Please know she is growing perfectly. Her heart, brain, etc are perfect. Her sweet face is perfect and she is beautiful. Pray specifically for her left side where the main cyst is. Right now we don't have a lot of details but are praying that Christ continues to heal her and she won't have to have surgery ever, at all for these places. We will see our specialist, Dr. Grieg on February 23rd and then go see the pediatric surgeon right after. SHe is active and having a ball as the Lord is making her wonderful. Below is my 20 week picture. Below are many pics of her loot that she has recieved.

Thank you Daddy, Pop (my daddy) and Mimi (my mom), Aunt Sammie, Anut Barbara, Cousin Blair, and mama for my gifts!
Its crazy that she already has a vitage bib, sweet hats, and pampers from Pop. Yes, Pop bought her the very first 100 pack of pampers and wipes. He is sooo excited to teach her how to drive a tractor and scout for deer. I will teach her not to spray her hair like Mama did before Pop took me hunting!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Show us your life

I have been following Kelly's Korner for awhile now and I thought I would join in her Show us Your Life Fridays! I am sure I will miss a few but either way!

This week its your favorite places to shop! Oh how my heart loves this!

I absolutely love J Crew. Especially when they have deals. Cardigans are my favorites as well. I have a ton and lots of colors. Layering is so big now and it just works for me. If you live around here the JCrew outlet in Gaffney has incredible deals. My sister, Sally Ann and I have such a great time there together. If you need classic pieces you should check it out. Remember to look for sales! This is why the Outlets are so amazing.

For Anna Grace we do alot of shopping at Baby Gap. They also have great classic pieces. She wears alot of leggings and they have the best ones. Also these clothes wash and wear well.

I am definitely a coupon Mom and research deals through Southern Savers. She has a wonderful set up and really does all the hard work for you. She has a blog and also Twitters.

Lastly, Forever 21. I don't shop her too often but when I do I find such great deals. There is not a store really close to here so I do a lot of this online. I don't like to spend a lot on jewelry but like to wear it and they have great deals!

Hope you enjoyed my shopping life! If you ever need a JCREW shopping friend my best Accessory (AG) and I would love to go with you!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby B firsts

For a few weeks now, I have been able to feel Baby B move and play. Its been such a joy but I wish that I could share it with Adam. Well tonight, we were sitting on the coach and I finally felt movement with my hand on my stomach. So, I called Adam over and he sat patiently waiting. I could feel all kinds of movement but nothing from the outside.

Then all of the big ole' kick. Adam jumped and grinned so big. It was such a special moment and we were so excited. I am sure that these moments will continue as Baby B and I grow.

This picture is from Christmas. One last family Christmas picture with just Adam and myself.

Baby B we can't wait to take TONS of pictures of you next year.