Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who is a smart squirrel?

Top 10 best things about a youth trip.

1- Staying in a dorm room at 25 years old. Not as much fun as 18 years old.

2- Sleeping on a church bus with teenagers who do not want to sleep...ever.

3- Your Pastor buying ear plugs for the worship hour. (The band was extra loud.)

4- Answering the same childs question every day twice. "Do we need our Bible?" "What time is worship?" This could be a form of birth control for some couples.

5- Seeing Mobile through the eyes of a teen. Teens who are craving to love, minister, and be a part of Christ's love.

6- Watching Christ work, love, and heal. Writing His song for their life.

7- Having teenage boys claim that a random pair of underwear is "not mine". Well it has to be someones. Apparently it grew legs and walked over from another room. (Adam has more details about this)

8- Having a new youth grow and become a part of the youth group. Which is wear my title is from. He is such a smart squirrel. Who knew he could even talk before this trip. Now he can't shut up and I love it!

9- Being stuck in Atlanta traffic during a 9 hour car ride with out AIR!! This seems to happen on every trip.

10- Being at home in your bed with your husband. Best thing ever.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mobile or Bust

Monday morning at 5:30 am our students are leaving for Mobile, AL. There are 10 youth and 5 adults going and we are pumped. Please be praying for us as we travel, learn, and work. I have been very sick for a little over a month now and actually I am getting to go to camp. Pray that I maintain my energy, weight, and strength while gone. Adam and I both feel that I will be fine but we want to be proactive in keeping me healthy while we are gone.

I feel the Lord preparing our group for a fabulous time of growth. I love camp and being with our students. I love watching the struggle. I know that sounds mean but I do love watching the Lord work. Its a beautiful song when you can watch a person be broken before your eyes. Mainly because you can relate to that moment. Christ spirit moving is an amazing picture. Salvation is a sweet song.

So please be in prayer for us as we do the Lord's will and enjoy a time of bonding. Alabama Here we COME!