Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Every year at the same time we take our students to a conference in Tenn. called Meltdown. Jesus wanted us to heat up not meltdown. We had such a great time of fellowship. Adam, Jennifer, and I were the "adults" for this outting and were pumped to be with the vibrant students. To put into prospective what a 3 hour bus ride with these 13 can be just imagine middle school boys with high school girls...:) All of you who work with youngins' are smiling. There was a lot of bodily functions plus ew gross comments filled with Adam saying everynight BOYS TAKE A BATH!!!! I loved every minute of it and cherish the time God has given me with them.

I learned so much through their worship and conversations and the sweetest came from Jasmine. Jazzy Faye as affectionatly call her. Jasmine is a product of divorce and currently lives with her father because her Mom works 3rd. Her father is not the best role model and is not a Christian. Jazzy will 17 in May and has spoken on numerous occasions of how she will leave on that day. I have prayed for her and encouraged her to ask Jesus what to do, when to leave, and to make sure her Mom is understanding and supportive. Her Mom and step-dad are both Christians and attend our church. Well to the point, Saturday our afternoon session was focused on bitterness and allowing Christ to deliver you from that hardness that forms in your life. During the alter call I was in depth praising to My chains are gone ( I know perfect right?) when I heard her behind me crying with Jennifer our other "adult". She prayed with Rachel (our rock of the students) and as soon as we started to leave asked for Adam's cell phone and immediately called her Dad. WOW did that take guts! A man who screams and cusses at her continuously. She spent about 30 minutes on the phone with him and let him know she was freeing him of her anger and her bitterness and that she was changing. I was so proud of her! What a special child of God that she knew to free him of this and push him to work on their relationship. It was one of the sweetest moments yet. I hope to one day be as brave as she was and is daily.

The Lord opened so many doors for our students. He delivered and developed friendships among those that are years apart in age.

Thank you Jesus for your sweet gifts. Please continue to bless those sweet souls and guide them on your path.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I got bitten

2008 has started with a bang. I have been promoted at my job to the Admissions Campus Visit and Event Coordinator and have jumped right in! Its a really good fit for me and so far I have enjoyed the job. Two weeks ago, I woke with the stomach bug...:) that was great fun and then this past Monday night I was bitten again with the bug. This time it really knocked me for a loop. The is the price I pay being with so many children at church and for admitting that I hadn't had the stomach bug yet this year. Anyway Adam is a great Doc and he took very good care of me while he took extra vitamins trying to stay well.

This weekend my Sister and Mom are in NYC for a mission trip. Tonight they are out doing track ministry in the subway. Please pray for them as they are gone. They fly home on Tuesday.

This is my sister's second NYC trip and this one is special because my Mom is with her and Sally Ann's roommate for college next year is also in her small group at church and on the trip. They called this afternoon on a break that they spent shopping. Sally and Sarah (roommate) bought a rug for their dorm room. What a great start to a year together!

Some of you might know that my cousin Caroline is getting married in two weeks!! We are all very excited about her new journey and are praying that the Lord will bless her and Ben as they start a great life. It will be a great weekend in Charleston with a wonderful reunion among friends and family. Please be in prayer for all of us over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

This year is already appearing to hold more lovre, joy, and blessings than ever before. Adam and I had a wonderful Christmas, worshipping our Lord and spending as much time as possible with family.

New Years Eve was spent in Atlanta at the Clemson bowl game with our new pastor and his wife. Their son Caleb is a red shirt freshman for Clemson. Together we had a blast. It is always wonderful to go to a football game, even a Clemson game.

Yesterday, Adam and I set a major goal and talked about what we were excited to accomplish in 2008. I was eager and ready to go but then I woke up this morning with the stomach virus. So, I will have to conquer 08 tomorrow.

I am excited about what the Lord will do this year. Adam is graduating from North Greenville University in December and we are eager to buy a house. Each year of marriage has been much better than the last. I am going to hold tight to Christ and my husband and enjoy this new year and the new goals and dreams that I have for myself and my family. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!