Monday, December 21, 2009

6 months

At 6 months you can say goo goo (good). You do this at most meals. My girl likes food! You have just started calling Da da. Daddy can't wait to know that you know what you are saying. You defintely will be a talker. Smiling at everyone you see as if you can't wait to get to know them.

You weigh 15 pounds and are 27 inches long! You are going to be tall and tiny. According to Dr. Phillips. You did great during your shots.

You just started sleeping through the night. You go to bed between 8:30 and 9pm and sleep until around 6:45. Sometimes you wake earlier and sometimes you sleep longer. Now you are waking up happy and you play in your crib for a few minutes before you make it clear you are read to wake up.

You still don't roll over much but you love to sit up (supported) and reach for everthing.

You love to play with your sippy cup but don't care to drink from it.

Your favorite toys are: teapot, lovey, sprout, and sophie. Your paci will always be your pal. You bang it on the crib rails in the morning as you play.

You have had your first plane ride. A Beechcraft Baron. You loved the flight and never cried.

You have become such an easy baby. You take one morning nap for an hour to an hour and half. Then a long 2 hour to 2 and half hour nap in the afternoon. You still take and evening cat nap most nights.

We love you!