Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our first Halloween

Pepper and I had a discussion this morning about Halloween and how we would be Trick or Treating in Gaffney that evening. I will be sure to explain to her that Daddy and I will share candy with her. Please help us decide what Pepper should be for Halloween. Below are a few she is interested in wearing that night. She seems to be partial to the cow.

Cast your vote in the Pepper Jill 2008 Halloween Costume Election!

Could she dance her away across the stage in this precious pink tutu?

Mama loves brown cows and she loves her Pepper. How about the How Now Brown Cow costume?

She could also be a Pumpkin from Grandpa's pumpkin patch in Gaffney.

Arrr... could she be a salty dog in this pirate costume?

Voting officially starts now! Pictures from Halloween will be sure to follow.