Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

What a great Father's Day weekend! Friday night, the three of us just hung out. Adam went to visit Papa Burgess and by the time he was home Anna Grace was asleep. But on Saturday she was full on ready to play with Daddy. She still felt a little sick from her shots and the fever she ran but overall she was better. Saturday evening, Aunt Sammie and Uncle Caleb came and kept Anna Grace so that Adam and I could go out on the town. :) We ended up at Fuddruckers and then went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. I was a little disappointed in the 3D moments but overall a cute movie. Although it was both mine and Adam's least favorite of the three the storyline was nicely finished. Sunday morning, we celebrated Adam and what a great father he is. Adam and Anna Grace enjoyed playing with Adam's present-golf balls. They throw them back and forth to each other. Pepper enjoyed this game too.

My parents came over and had dinner with us. Adam BBQ so some chicken and we had baked beans, cornbread salad, and chips. Then brownies and ice cream for dinner. Anna Grace loves vanilla ice cream. Lately I can't feed her enough of anything. She could eat her weight in Pineapple. Its amazing.

We gave my Daddy a ipod suffle for Fathers Day. He isn't very technilogically savy so we went easy and small. He LOVED it. I thought he would like it and all but he was thrilled. It was quite funny.

I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father and earthly father. I love them very much. Its been so fun to watch Adam over the last year. Last year Anna Grace layed in his lap all day to watch the US open and this year she was all over the place. What a change. Adam has and continues to be an incredible Father!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy First Birthday Anna Grace

Saturday was Anna Grace's birthday party. We had such a wonderful time. It was definitely overwhelming for Anna Grace at times but over all I think she really enjoyed it!

Enjoying a ride on her new buggy

She ate her birthday cake like she eats cheerio's. Very girly. She didn't stuff it in her face but she definitely knew it was food!

Enjoying the outdoors before the rain started.

It was such a fun day and we are looking forward to celebrating tomorrow as well! If you follow me on Facebook there are a lot more pictures!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy Eights Challenge

Ashley challenged me and since I am procrastinating and not doing things for the birthday party right this minute I thought I would take this challenge!

8 TV Shows I watch:

1. Grey's
2. 19 Kids and Counting
3. Young and the Restless
4. Mythbusters (only with Adam)
5. Kate Plus 8 (don't judge me)
6. Seasame Street (only with AG)
7. Tori and Dean
8. Biggest Loser/ Jillian Michaels New show

8 Favorite Restaurants ( I can't eat most of these on a regualar basis but they are still my favorite. )

1. Bronco's Mexican
2. Sonic
3. Melting Pot
4. Pizza Inn
5. Joy of Toyoko
6. Myabi (sushi)
7. Zaxby's
8. Olive Garden

8 things I look forward too

1. 5:00pm everyday- I love evenings at home with Adam
2. Returning to teach dance in the fall
3. More babies
4. Watching my baby grow
5. Watching my children come to know the Lord
6. Going to the Lake
7. Growing old with Adam
8. My sister's wedding

8 things I did yesterday

1. Slept until 7:15-thanks Anna Grace
2. Went to Walmart
3. Found Dr. Thunder 4 for a $1.
4. Did 3 loads of laundry
5. Cleaned my drip pans in the stove
6. Went to see Papa and Grandmama Burgess
7. Listened to the birds that are in my ferns
8. Ate a cheeseburger from Burger King-big mistake

8 things I like about Winter

1. Christmas
2. Christmas Trees
3. Hot Chocalate
4. Lumanaries at Christmas on Limestone
5. Cuddling
6. Anna Grace in footie PJ's.
7. Snow
8. Christmas Carols

8 Things I am passionate about

1. Jesus
2. Adam
3. Anna Grace
4. My family
5. Dance
6. Cleaning...:0
7. Learning to live with a chronic disease
8. Lymphatic malformations

8 words/phrases I use often

1. NO, Anna Grace
2. Crap- this one has to STOP before someone learns that word.
3. I love you
4. What does the (blank) say? (to Anna Grace)
5. Hey babe...
6. Patty Cake Patty Cake (you know the song)
7. Gotch ya.
8. Leave it (to Pepper)

8 things I have learned from my Past

1. God is in control
2. He is good.
3. He is all knowing.
4. I can't control any thing
5. Adam is overwhelmingly patient.
6. I am not patient.
7. I am capable of handling way more than I thought
8. Needles aren't that bad.

Places I want to see/visit

1. Holy Land
2. Ireland
3. West Coast
4. Maine
5. Africa
6. Texas
7. Spain
8. Italy

8 things I need/want

1. A weekley pedi
2. A monthly massage
3. Someone to take the wallpaper down in my kitchen and guest bathroom
4. a Cure for Lymphatic malformations
5. A cure for Chron's disease
6. a good exercise routine
7. New tap/ballet shoes
8. more time with our families

I am not tagging anyone. So feel free to do this if you want!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My apologies

First off, we are sorry we haven't updated with the end of AG's journey to Cinci. We just aren't ready to go into full detail and honestly are still processing alot of it. Its not that its terrible news but parts of her diagnosis are very hard to explain and we just don't know how deep we want to go yet. Mainly because you might already be confused by her general diagnosis and this will confuse you more. It did us. Lets leave it at this for now, Anna Grace's Lymphatic condition is so rare it falls under a specific condition only found in about 50 people worldwide. I have always told her she was special. :)

Back to blogging we go. Hopefully soon we will have an easy way to explain more with AG.

As for Memorial Day weekend-we had a blast. Adam and I left Anna Grace with my parents for Friday night. Since our six year anniversary was on May 22nd, we decided to go to Gatlinburg for the night. It was so relaxing and just a wonderful time for us to be together.

On Saturday, we ate a nice lunch and then had our couples massage. Adam was pretty nervous about this expereience. But my assumption was correct. He loved it.

While we were living it up in Gatlinburg. Anna Grace was at Lake Lure with my family. She enjoyed her first boat ride.

Uncle Caleb was a great and held her incredible tight. :) She looked so cute in this picture. In fact when my Mom texted it to us at dinner Friday night, I cried. Right in the middle of the restaurant. You would have thought I had never left her.

After our massages, we drove back to Lake Lu (as we call it) and finished off our weekend.

Sunday we all went out on the boat to tube. Unfortunately that was cut short. We were pulled over for not having a permit. Since Lake Lure is private the new boat to come off the water until we could get a permit. I guess this was Anna Grace's first experience in being pulled over. By the way, its interesting being pulled over in a boat.

Here are few more pictures of our trip!
Caroline showing off her skills Sunday night. We love that big old bed. Caroline, Sally Ann, and I had been curled up there for awhile. You can see a few of us were kicked out but C found her way back.

The River bridge in downtown Chimney Rock-Sandra, Justin (liz's fiance) Sally Ann, AG, and Pop Pop's.

Downtown Chimney Rock really doesn't have much to do yet every trip we find ourselves back downtown. However it is worth it to go get a sack of candy from the Mass Genereal Store.

Big week ahead-Anna Grace's birthday party is Saturday. Can't wait!