Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy Eights Challenge

Ashley challenged me and since I am procrastinating and not doing things for the birthday party right this minute I thought I would take this challenge!

8 TV Shows I watch:

1. Grey's
2. 19 Kids and Counting
3. Young and the Restless
4. Mythbusters (only with Adam)
5. Kate Plus 8 (don't judge me)
6. Seasame Street (only with AG)
7. Tori and Dean
8. Biggest Loser/ Jillian Michaels New show

8 Favorite Restaurants ( I can't eat most of these on a regualar basis but they are still my favorite. )

1. Bronco's Mexican
2. Sonic
3. Melting Pot
4. Pizza Inn
5. Joy of Toyoko
6. Myabi (sushi)
7. Zaxby's
8. Olive Garden

8 things I look forward too

1. 5:00pm everyday- I love evenings at home with Adam
2. Returning to teach dance in the fall
3. More babies
4. Watching my baby grow
5. Watching my children come to know the Lord
6. Going to the Lake
7. Growing old with Adam
8. My sister's wedding

8 things I did yesterday

1. Slept until 7:15-thanks Anna Grace
2. Went to Walmart
3. Found Dr. Thunder 4 for a $1.
4. Did 3 loads of laundry
5. Cleaned my drip pans in the stove
6. Went to see Papa and Grandmama Burgess
7. Listened to the birds that are in my ferns
8. Ate a cheeseburger from Burger King-big mistake

8 things I like about Winter

1. Christmas
2. Christmas Trees
3. Hot Chocalate
4. Lumanaries at Christmas on Limestone
5. Cuddling
6. Anna Grace in footie PJ's.
7. Snow
8. Christmas Carols

8 Things I am passionate about

1. Jesus
2. Adam
3. Anna Grace
4. My family
5. Dance
6. Cleaning...:0
7. Learning to live with a chronic disease
8. Lymphatic malformations

8 words/phrases I use often

1. NO, Anna Grace
2. Crap- this one has to STOP before someone learns that word.
3. I love you
4. What does the (blank) say? (to Anna Grace)
5. Hey babe...
6. Patty Cake Patty Cake (you know the song)
7. Gotch ya.
8. Leave it (to Pepper)

8 things I have learned from my Past

1. God is in control
2. He is good.
3. He is all knowing.
4. I can't control any thing
5. Adam is overwhelmingly patient.
6. I am not patient.
7. I am capable of handling way more than I thought
8. Needles aren't that bad.

Places I want to see/visit

1. Holy Land
2. Ireland
3. West Coast
4. Maine
5. Africa
6. Texas
7. Spain
8. Italy

8 things I need/want

1. A weekley pedi
2. A monthly massage
3. Someone to take the wallpaper down in my kitchen and guest bathroom
4. a Cure for Lymphatic malformations
5. A cure for Chron's disease
6. a good exercise routine
7. New tap/ballet shoes
8. more time with our families

I am not tagging anyone. So feel free to do this if you want!


-Cassey said...

Hey, you don't really know me (actually we don't know each other at all,) but I've been reading your blog recently. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are an inspiration to me and I love reading your posts! Seriously, with everything you've been going through with your daughter... how do you keep your head on straight?! :)
You have a beautiful daughter by the way. I'm actually studying children in my Child Development class and I just absolutely adore them. She seems like a real sweetheart.
keep it up!

Ashley Beth said...

I love your weekly pedi and monthly massage....I need to add those!