Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My apologies

First off, we are sorry we haven't updated with the end of AG's journey to Cinci. We just aren't ready to go into full detail and honestly are still processing alot of it. Its not that its terrible news but parts of her diagnosis are very hard to explain and we just don't know how deep we want to go yet. Mainly because you might already be confused by her general diagnosis and this will confuse you more. It did us. Lets leave it at this for now, Anna Grace's Lymphatic condition is so rare it falls under a specific condition only found in about 50 people worldwide. I have always told her she was special. :)

Back to blogging we go. Hopefully soon we will have an easy way to explain more with AG.

As for Memorial Day weekend-we had a blast. Adam and I left Anna Grace with my parents for Friday night. Since our six year anniversary was on May 22nd, we decided to go to Gatlinburg for the night. It was so relaxing and just a wonderful time for us to be together.

On Saturday, we ate a nice lunch and then had our couples massage. Adam was pretty nervous about this expereience. But my assumption was correct. He loved it.

While we were living it up in Gatlinburg. Anna Grace was at Lake Lure with my family. She enjoyed her first boat ride.

Uncle Caleb was a great and held her incredible tight. :) She looked so cute in this picture. In fact when my Mom texted it to us at dinner Friday night, I cried. Right in the middle of the restaurant. You would have thought I had never left her.

After our massages, we drove back to Lake Lu (as we call it) and finished off our weekend.

Sunday we all went out on the boat to tube. Unfortunately that was cut short. We were pulled over for not having a permit. Since Lake Lure is private the new boat to come off the water until we could get a permit. I guess this was Anna Grace's first experience in being pulled over. By the way, its interesting being pulled over in a boat.

Here are few more pictures of our trip!
Caroline showing off her skills Sunday night. We love that big old bed. Caroline, Sally Ann, and I had been curled up there for awhile. You can see a few of us were kicked out but C found her way back.

The River bridge in downtown Chimney Rock-Sandra, Justin (liz's fiance) Sally Ann, AG, and Pop Pop's.

Downtown Chimney Rock really doesn't have much to do yet every trip we find ourselves back downtown. However it is worth it to go get a sack of candy from the Mass Genereal Store.

Big week ahead-Anna Grace's birthday party is Saturday. Can't wait!

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