Thursday, June 26, 2008

Took a little trip

Ok, so I took a long trip. I have had so many blogs in my head to start and nothing came. Even from giant occasions like my sisters high school graduation didn't spark me to type. Even now I don't really have a purpose for this blog. Beautiful. But I will catch you up on the 24th Annual Hopper Beach trip as easily as possible.

Saturday: Most of us left from my grandparents house at 8:30am. In my ride was Blair, Liz, Sam, and myself. Basically they put all the grandchildren in one car. It took 8 hours to get there. We stopped 3 times and one of those was to eat breakfast. I will say it didn't seem like 8 hours until about 3 pm when I wanted out of the car. Caroline, Ben, Adam, Lance, and Jim met us down there at all different times. At the beginning of the week there was 15 of us.

Sunday: First day on the beach and Pop Pop's 80th Birthday plus Father's Day. We had a great party for Pop Pop's. A luau. It was one of the best nights that week. (Pictures to follow)

Monday: Lots of on time on the beach. Caroline surfed, I watched. Caroline and Ben left. Which stunk completely because we didn't get any porch time to talk.

Tuesday: Beach, Broadway, sea food. Adam caught a sting ray deep sea fishing with Lance and we ate it. gross.

Wednesday: Caroline came back and we got porch time.

Thursday: Rode the rollarcoaster.

Firday: Super sad to leave on Saturday but got porch time with Debbie and Gibson! It was great to have a few extra Hopper's in the mix.

Saturday: sad day.

All in all the beach trip was great and I am forever thankful the Lord has given us 24 years of safe travel. I am not boasting in anything but Him but we have never had any one injured, no flat tires or travel trouble. Nothing. He has kept us safe for many years and I am blessed. Pics to follow soon!