Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday in Cincy

Yesterday was long. We had a set of X-Rays of AG's spine, an MRI of her lower spinal region to specifically look at the lymphatic issues in that region, met with an orthopaedic surgeon, and met with the lymphatic malformation team. All of that to add to the information set the neurosurgeon wants in order to make am informed decision on the proper course of action.

We have one more specialist to see who isn't available until Friday afternoon. That is very frustrating, but since we can't do anything about it...why worry! After meeting with him, I am going to push for another consult with the neurosurgeon to interpret all of the tests and consults and decide on a course of action. The bottom line is that if we are going to proceed with the surgery, we will stay here as long as necessary. If surgery is not the best option right now, I am ready to get back home.

You may have interpreted by the first two paragraphs, but we are nothing more than tourists today. No appointments at the hospital. Today is Emily's mom's birthday, so we are going to take her for a nice lunch. Also on the agenda is a trip to the aquarium and dinner with Den and Barb (Upward Sports contacts in Cincinnati). I hope that a relaxing day today will help us all manage the next push of appointments and decisions. I for one am on edge.

Tuesday, I called the Holiday Inn Express to cancel a reservation we had made for the others ones coming up to be with us during AG's surgery. I ended up in a confrontation with the manager on duty that I am still sorting out. Yesterday, the visit with the orto surgeon did not go well. He was an arrogant jerk and left the room before I could tell him that. I told his nurse, filled out a formal survey on his lack of professionalism, told our neurosurgeon's nurse that he would not be assisting in AG's surgery, and generally let anyone who asked know how disappointed I am with him. (Then I had a dream last night that I had a mulligan and told him off in the exam room!) Finally, right after that experience, I went to order a cheeseburger in the hospital cafeteria's grill and I got snippy with the poor lady taking my order. It is DEFINITELY time for a little break to unwind!


Melissa Owens said...

This is Melissa Owens, we only have met a couple of times but I am Erica's sister. She was telling us about Ms. Anna Grace and how much you guys need our prayers. So please know that Anna Grace, you and Adam are in our prayers. The wait and the constant frustration with "arrogant" people will get to you quickly, LOL! It's a lot of hurry up and wait! But the unwavering presence of the Lord is standing with you all and will help you through the decision making, stress, and healing. Know that I am lifting my prayers for your family.
May the Lord keep you and bless you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. Numbers 6:24

Neva said...

Hang in there - when it comes to our babies - we are "Momma Bears" - if doctors have not figured that out by now, well..... they should have. We cannot imagine what you guys are going through, so please know we are praying that some resolution and direction will be accomplished today. You are loved.