Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not as much to share today…which in my humble opinion is a very good thing! We only had one appointment today and that was with the anesthesiologist (just in case we proceed with surgery).

My mom flew in today, so we picked her up at the Cincinnati airport and then we all went to the zoo. While there, I spent a lot of time on the phone with doctors and nurses plotting and planning tomorrow’s itinerary. So here is tomorrow…

10:30am - X-Rays
11:00am - MRI
1:30pm - Consult with Orthopedic Surgeon
Late afternoon - ????
Evening – Dinner with Den and Barb (Local contacts we made through Upward Sports)

After those scheduled appointments, we hope to also meet with the Plastic Surgeon who has been out of the office with food poisoning all week. Finally, we are trying to get an appointment to see the lymphatic malformation team that we have seen here a few times in the past 6 months.

Once all of the above consultations and tests have been completed, we will meet with Dr. C (neurosurgeon) to make a final decision on this visit…surgery or no surgery.

I know I have said this 1000's of times, but thank you so much for the continued prayer and support! Today was a very relaxing and peaceful day. Tomorrow will be a grind. Please pray for Anna Grace as she will be sedated for the MRI. She has always done well, but it is hard not eating for half the day and feeling groggy after sedation. Continue to pray that we make the right and best decisions for her care.

I will leave you with a great picture that capped off the day. Thanks, Doug, for tipping me off to Buca Di Beppo! Good night for now!


Shay Shay said...

We will be praying for Anna Grace while she is having the MRI. We will also be praying for all of the Family. GOD is in Control. His hands are on the whole Family.
Sharon Taylor

deb said...

I LOVE that place...so yummy...lol
NOW onto bizness..I am (like everyone else) lifting you all to the Father right now...if things get hairy tomorrow just close your eyes and feel his power..I am so blessed to know and love your sweet family...